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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Running and Spinning

This past week I saw an old college friend who is a physical therapist. She told me I CAN run again.

I quite 8 years ago because every time I ran, I got this really bad pain in my left shoulder. She gave me several sports massages and 'released' the muscles that were tight and then showed me how to do it. We went to a running store where they watched my gait (I pronate) and I bought some good shoes. I realized I have been running on cheapies the past years, so duh, no wonder I hurt.

Anyway, I have done two short runs.. and no pain! I am so excited, as I miss running. I will have to get up early to do it in Houston as it is so hot and humid this time of year, but plan to a few days a week.

And... today I tried a spinning class! I have done it *once * before about 3 years ago. This time was great!

I had my padded bike shorts (lovely, just want I DON'T need in that area.. more padding!), but it was so fun! Here is what it was like:

The room lights were dimmed and about 10 of us were on our spinning bikes.
Martha (the cute, young, blonde, thin, vivacious) instructor led us.
She put on some great rock and other music and led us through our paces. This was an 'endurance' class, so she would tell us to work on our form how hard to work, etc.

I liked it in that I could set my own resistance. It was like running in that you could veg out into your own world. I like group excersice, but I miss this.

I wish my polar watch had been working, cuz I bet I burned a lot! Then after I stuck around for a 30 min pilates stretch class.

Good day. I have been putting on some weight lately, so am trying to track a bit bettter what I eat. But it is really fun to have a couple more workout options.


Leonie said...

Great news about the running! I have some friends here who LOVE their spinning classes - and their Body Pump classes.

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...


That's awesome!

Rachel May said...

I'm excited about the running for you too! I think I need to meet your friend. I get that pain on my right side. Spinning sounds really sounds fun too. :)

K said...

hmmm, running and spinning?? Sounds familiar! Maybe one day we can run together!!! Or spin!!

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