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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Taebo Elite

I did some of the Taebo Elite workouts these last few days - modified as I am still officially on"being careful" after surgery. :-). These workouts were a gift to myself, a post surgery gift. They were recently released in Australia ~ released in the US in January/February 2006...

Friday I did Mission Two - all toning, with a few things like squat thrusts and jumping jacks to keep your heart rate up. I can't do those right now, of course, but I did enjoy the workout. I used only the weights, not attached to the resistance bands, as I am still taking it easy. 45 minutes.

Saturday I did Mission One - this is an easier workout, I used the full weighted bands and feel this would be a good intro to Taebo tape for those new to Taebo. When I am totally back on my feet, I think I could triple wrap the bands and work on form and up the ante on this one.43 minutes.

I did the standing abs portion of Mission Three ( Rock Solid Abs), as I haven't got the okay to do floorwork yet. I liked the use of the bands on this one and can't wait to do it in its entirety. I think Mission One and Mission Three together would make a nice fit for a workout - about 73 minutes if both done together.

Each workout has an 8 minute bonus segment - one is an instructional segment, the next is 8 minutes of weight training with dumbells and the last is 8 minutes of abs ( standing and floorwork).


Cindy said...


That is such a nice idea to give yourself the videos as a gift. :)

That is taking care of yourself, or as Flylady would say.. (finally) loving yourself!

I think this is important, at least in my history, because it is times like this I would falter and turn the other way. What I mean, is if I have a setback, even something much more minor than surgery, I would feel like I had gotton off track and instead of loving myself and easing myself back in positively and gently, I might instead go hide from the negative feelings, and food is always a comfy place to hide.

And when you don't work out for a while, you can feel it, and for me, it is harder to work out again when I feel less strong. I feel a bit of that now, with the lagging on my workouts last week. It is time to reassess, be nice to myself and maybe creative in my workouts so I will look forwad to them!

Like Fr. N said in his homily last night... picking ourself and starting over is one of the most important aspects of faith. Forgiving ourselves as God always forgive us.

Not that you have anything to forgive.. but your positive response to your surgery has me thinking how I handle others kinds of downs in my life.

Today dh and I are off to play rball. Oh, I talked to my new 'partner' and she overslept last Monday! (I forgave her..lol) so we are trying again on a weekend when we don't have to get up so early. I really didn't like getting up that early either, worried I would miss the alarm, etc.

Keep us informed on your exercise and go slow! :)

Leonie said...

I think its important for us to be positive to ourselves - Billy Blanks calls it putting on the power and remembering that every day is a blessed day. And that where I am and where I will be is where my mind will put me. So, be goo to yourself and others and a setback is just that - nothing more! lol!

I used to never spend money on myself as money was tight but I realized that sent the wrong message - to myself and to my kids. The same goes with taking time out for workouts - its not selfish, it sends a powerful message and it makes me a better, healthier person.

Maybe treat yourself to those Zumba workout DVDs!! And have fun at rball...

Jen said...

I am a huge Tae Bo fan. I don't have th Elite videos, but do have the Boot Camp, Amped, Ripped Series, and the LIVE!...my favorite.

Tae Bo is the only exercise I've ever stuck to. Good gift to yourself!

Leonie said...

Hey, Jen, another taebo addict, hh? :-) I love the LIVE series, too - and today found a VHS version of the old orignal Taebo Advanced. Woo hoo! Love the card picking up and squats and kicks at the end ( I;ve only previewed it so far - can't wait to do it! lol!).

I'm envious of you with Amped - its not on sale here in Oz and the cost of shipping the bar with the DVDs to Oz was more than the cost of the workouts!! And Collage won't ship me just the DVDs - I was happy to pay for the bar and workouts but just get the workouts - no go, they told me.

mom2mpr said...

Leonie, You are amazing and inspiring! Take care and take it slow :)

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