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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Elegant Simplicity

I've been thinking a lot about my workout style, the hows, whens and wheres, and how I got to what I do now. My conclusion has been that the driving factor for me has been that whatever I do, it must be elegantly simple (read "cheap").

I've tried a vatiety of workouts at a variety of times and have discovered that I'm uncoordinated (sprained my ankle at step aerobics), lazy (won't get up early regularly), and obsessed about the wrong things (tweaking my workout outfit so it matches just right). I need a schedule, need an incentive, and need someone to help push me along. I like things that involve my body but allow my mind to roam free. I want the majority of my workout time to be actual exercise (not driving). Mostly though I realized that I have to be willing to try anything.

I have done exercise a variety of ways, but I find that I always come back to running/walking which really only involves good shoes and a route and swimming which is only slightly more involved with a suit, cap, goggles and pool. They are both adaptable to time of day and company of children. They both can become complex (add ipods, water wicking clothes or towel, specific workouts for speed or endurance, special foods, magazines, events to register for.........) or stripped to bare essentials sort of like a classic outfit.

I'm grateful to have figured this stuff out since next week Bill goes to work at the Pentagon. His hours will be FULLY different from his student hours which means I'll have to change my workout routine again, but at least I know where to begin. :)


Cindy said...

This is an awesome post, Rachel.

You know yourself. You see what you need. You have found the essence of things! Too cool!

I must admit. Of all the exercise I have done running was my favorite.

It is what I started with. When I was in college and trying to lose weight I met Cathy (who is coming to visit in 2 weeks. cool!) and she started me at the track.

Run the straigts, walk the curves, she would say.

Then we were running a lot.

When I moved all over the country I had my running. What a gift she gave me. Me and my shoes, that was all I needed. I didn't even have a walkman.

You could zone, think, or watch nature. And you could really feel your body, how it was resonding, good and bad.

I love how you described getting in to all the little things... that keep us distracted. lol
I find my group aerobics do just that. Keep my mind off what I am doing to get me a workout. Rball does that, too.

Oh well. this is a long comment..

love your posts, Rachel!!!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

I am so with you!!

Cheap means within reach for us!!!

Rachel May said...

Cindy, I wish I could zone out during aerobics, but I would kick myself or someone else in the head lol! Running is great and basic, but I'll admit I do envy your and everyone else's variety. Still, I've got to stick with what works, right?

Maria, I knew I could find some kindred spirits on the cheap issue. :) I just love this blog, don't you?

Cindy said...

I hear you, Rachel. When my kids were younger I could not go do the classes, etc. Running, walking and playing were the main outlets for my exercise. Simple, but still I have to be creative.. because I could not just go when I wanted to- sometimes I had a cranky or sick child, etc.

At this time in my life I have the time and mobility. I actaully would not mind at all if I just forgot all the variety and could run again! But my joints won't hear of it and Houston is hard on my body.. heat wise. :(

Yes, you have to do what works! :)
And is something you look forward to -- if possible.

Sounds like you are doing a great job finding that for yourself.

Leonie said...

I'm with you re simplicity - if necessary, I could workout with one or two videos, no fancy clothes and just good shoes. Of course, , because I can, I have many DVDs, andf some fun matching workout outfits.

But I love that I don't have to leave my house or my kids - which is why I started with the Jane Fonda workout videos in the 80s
( suplemented with a weekly aerobics class when dh was home). Convenience, cheaper and it can fit my schedule...

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