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Monday, June 4, 2007

When do you exercise??

Hard week and I am feeling guilty. One weight workout and one walk with the dog. That is it!!
I usually exercise in the am. I like having my workouts undisturbed. But, I have been VERY tired. Dd has been sleeping poorly and life has been happening again. So, I have trouble rising out of my comfy bed before 8.
Diet-bah, tired and not wanting to cook. Lot's of eating out and chocolate.
I will try again next week as this week we are finishing up dd's gymnastics class(show today!) and ds's soccer season(they are 7-1). Hoping when life slows down a little I can develop the habit and it will be established for when chaos reigns again :)
Keep up your good work everyone. While I am lacking this week, you do inspire me!!


Leonie said...

Years ago, I used to plan a little reward for myself, to make sure I worked out even if I felt too tired to get up or to get changed - a nice cup of herbal tea, a new magazine, a mini sized chocolate
( eg one hershey kiss).

Now, the workout is my time and my reward .

I sed to also have a plan A. B and C for those days when I couldn;t fit my workout out in normal time - so I always made sure I'd get it in. Or I'd plan just to work out three days a week but keep which day as flexible.

And at least you got some workouts in! WTG!!

Cindy said...

Hang in there..! We all have stretches where life gets in the way. I just takes time to get a rhythm to life and working out becomes a natural part.

For a while when my boys were younger I would let them play at the park and I would walk the edges really fast for a workout. Maybe you could do that at the soccer field? :)

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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