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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Need Motiviation

Well, I post about the good stuff, so here is the other side of reality.. :0

I have worked out some, but have not done as much as usual. I recently had a fun girls' weekend and ate and drank things that were not all that body-friendly and I am feeling it. My clothes are tight (and I am at the top range of sizes in my closet!) so that is getting me down.

I work out a lot, but still the weight hangs on. I have always exercised but the past year I do even MORE. Humm. I am working on finding the right balance/attitude to clean up my diet. The books I have read are great, but I do like to eat for comfort so will probably always deal with that! Also, I notice my age has a lot to do with it.

At age 47, I find my body is much more sensitive than it used to be, to food and what I put in it. I can *feel* bad eating the next day. Wine is metabolized pretty much like pure sugar on me. Also, I can't just drop the weight like I could even 10 years ago.

My BMI and body fat are a bit high and my chorlestoral is hanging at about 200. Good blood pressure an no other health issues. So I am lucky with my genes, but could really improve and better guard my health with better eating. That is good motivation. I have watched my boys clean up their diets and exercise just after talking about diabetes and other problems that can occur. So, that is good for all of us to do.

Well, God created our bodies and knew what he was doing! But I see my unhealthy habits very strongly reflected in my body, so maybe that is my watch word to keep working on better habits. It is a journey, yes it is.

Thanks for letting me vent! :)

(Umm.... just looking at that picture I posted on the top of the page.. wouldn't that spoon be just perfect for mixing up some brownies??? lol)


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...


I have always struggled with my weight and it turns out that genetically we struggle with thyroid problems and diabetes.

I'm trying to do what I can to avoid ending up with those but I know with the thyroid, I already have issues. I can work out and eat very little and still lose very little.

It can be very discouraging especially when you know you're not eating badly.

Just offering you empathy....

Rachel May said...

Oh Cindy, we're all on the down swing of the pendulum, I think. Patience and perserverance!

This blog has been such an inspiration for me to work out more and eat better than I was doing. I'm sure you are having the same experience. Even if you aren't where you want to be, you are in such a good place. Think, you can run again! I'm eager to hear your running wisdom!

You and everyone here are my virtual running partners. I talk to you all the time when I'm working out. Thank you for being here!

mom2mpr said...

I agree with Rachel May re: this group of ladies/blog.
Hang in there and be gentle with yourself.
You are trying to run again? Me too! But working at it really slowly. Two years ago I would get really sick everytime I got up to jogging(with an occasional walk break)one measly mile. So I am going so slow now. Family issues, kids and schedules changing I am going so slowly it frustrates me most days. Coming here gives me a boost--hey, you gals are thrilled I run to my mailbox(LOL)--I NEED that!! We are here for you, Cindy!! And will celebrate anything no matter how small it might be :)
Anne(who hopes she is making sense and needs to go to bed before dd wakes :)

Cindy said...

Thank you all for your comments... yes this blog is a great place for support.... and encouragment.

Maria, thanks for the empathy- thyroid issues are very tough. I'm with you--- hang in there. It is like every healthy bite we put in our mouths is gold. I need to remember that.. the good things. Even if the weight does not come off like we want.

Rachel- I love that you talk to us when you run!!! love it!

Anne- you know this.. but youare in that stage of life where family rules. I am getting past that (in that my boys are older and more independent) - that day will come for you. I remember those days when it was a stuggle just to get the day together- my goal early on was to be showered by 9am. That was it. I felt so proud those days when I did it!

But seasons changed fast and the kids changed. For a while it was all about the jogger.. my sons loved it. And for years my dh and I had to trade off kids as we never had family near, so I could only work out when he could watch them and vice versa.

Hooray when you run to your mailbox! I remember when my boys were 5 and 2 and my dh was traveling and I knew no one in the new town we had moved to and it was snowing and cold out and I needed a workout.

I devised one that worked for about a month- I ran up and down the stairs while the little one napped and the bigger one watched Barney!

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.. lol

Leonie said...

Ci9ndy, I have just started to ed The best Life Diet by Bob Greene, on the reccommendation of one of the mums over at the 4 real learning forum. Talks about the whys, whats and whens of eating.

For me, its mind stuff and practicalities and allowing some treats - I need to look at both eating and working out, to make a difference in my health and, eventually, in my weight.

Happy to chat more!

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