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Monday, June 4, 2007

What makes your heart sing?

Cindy asked this question on her blog. And do you know my answer?

Working out!

Yes, I love playing basketball or cricket or skateboarding with the kids. And I love going on family walks. But for my mental health and joy and fitness and weight, I also need my own workout. Where I push myself and use muscles I didn't know I had!

My heart sings after a good workout. I have been known to sing out loud, jump in the air with enthusiasm and to ask why others don't work out when it can make you feel this way. What way? Like a million bucks! lol!

My dh and kids tease me about this but I truly love my workouts. I love the endorphin high and the way I feel after a hard workout. I'm on a high and want to share that with others.

Like this morning. I did Taebo Celebrity Fit Cardio followed by the floorwork section of Taebo Ultimate Abs. I rocked, I had fun, I was smiling at the kids at the end.

My heart was singing. :-)


Cindy said...

Hi Leonie-- I love your post! And I have to agree... I really get hooked on working out. If I miss, I feel yucky, especially if I have been looking forward to it. And when I have a great workout, there is a feeling like nothing else.

I had to smile when you told me about jumping in the air when you feel so good after a workout.

You know how there are tidbits of your life in your memory that come up over and over.. the same scene?

Well, when I was in college living in the dorm, I had a good friend (who is actually flying in to see me next week!)-- and she got me hooked on running.

We were dorm roomates and would get up every morning and run. She started me out slow, and eventually I could keep up and we ran all the time we knew each other in college.

I vividly recall one morning early early we were all ready to go run, walking down the hall of the dorm and she was so pumped, she ran down ahead of me and clicked her heals in the air!

That is just a memory I have never lost... thanks for reminding me and it is just what I thought of when you wrote about your joy!

Leonie said...

Oh, I love it! I can just see your friend and very much relate! :-)

Rachel May said...


What a great post! I've been trying to think what DOES make my heart sing. Sadly, not exercise although I do like it. I'm worried if I think too much more it'll turn out to be something like chocolate. LOL

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