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Monday, June 25, 2007

Pain and Gain

Gain: I'm rediscovering how poorly I adjust to change. Bill's new job pretty much rules out spending time with him AND exercise out of the house. The net result of his being gone for long hours (decreased exercise) and not having the extra help plus a project I'm helping with (increased stress eating) has been that I've gained a little weight. Not much, but I'm cusping a place I don't want to be.

Pain: The project is mostly computer based and one frantic day last week, I worked until my hand was numb, ignored that, worked until my back and shoulder ached, lay down to stretch and...I'm not sure, but there's a lot of bearable shoulder and back pain which is pointing towards a doctor's appointment this week.

Pain: Has been an opportunity to offer it up and pray more for many special intentions including all of us here and the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

Gain: I'm starting to focus on what I can do. This past week I did a quick exercise bike workout, a run walk that improved my shoulder, and a 2 hour walk/date with Bill. I've realized that instead of having a scheduled plan, I need to plan to be flexible. My goal needs to be "daily aerobic exercise", not "xyz" for "abc time" at "pdq hour" the way I like it to be. And I need to dress for success. After my morning shower I put on my workout clothes so I'm ready whenever I need to be.


Leonie said...

Oh, I'm sorry about the pain!Let us know what happens if you go to the dr.

I'm with you re wearing workout clothes - the workout clothes are what I first put on ( with some macarara! lol!) when I first get up, 9 mornings out of 10, I'm prepared for my workout, even if I cant get it in straight away. I tend to hang around in my workout clothes most days/mornings. :-) Thats why I buy workout outfits - I'm not embarrassed if someone calls in unexpectedly as the clothes look decent and match!

Rachel May said...

You know, it was seeing a neighbor 8 hours post run looking absolutely beautiful in her workout outfit that convinced me what a good idea it is to buy workout outfits. I always say mothering is a sport, we may as well dress for it. LOL

I think the doc may have to be next week because of sitter issues. Luckily, it's a bit better.

I missed the result of your surgery. How are you feeling?

Cindy said...

I hope you feel better- I saw an old friend who is a physical therapist this week and she was showing me how to massage and push my own muscles to help release them... she says I can be my own sports massager- and it is working so far. Maybe you could give it a try and also stretch.. that helps.

I agree about the workout clothes! They can be cute and are very comfy and I put mine on each am. If I workout right away, great! If not, I am at least presentable.

But I find after my workout I need that shower right away (unless I am house cleaning), so get to street clothes then.

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