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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Grumpy Steps!

Well, ladies, things here have been stressful for me as my dh has been gone almost 3 weeks! I haven't had a break and I've been feeling like I need one...grouchy, grumpy, grrrrrrrr....

So here's what we've been doing to try to regain some sense of mental well-being to deal with feeling as if I'm in charge of everything - which, of course, is how I feel with him gone....

Yesterday and today - and the plan is tomorrow as well - we've been trekking on over to a local park. Yesterday, we brought OJ and breakfast bagels - bagels with egg, ham and cheese...today we brought cereal and organic fruit bars. We've done breakfast at the park and after they eat, while the children are playing, I've been walking. I'm not exactly sure how far I've gone, I suspect it is somewhere in the mark of 1.5 to 2 miles. As I walk, I've been praying my rosary and today, I added the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I've been trying to walk away the grumpies!

My dh is scheduled to be home perhaps Thursday. I can't wait - really. I want him home. I want him home to stay. I don't like these long absences.

I wish I could walk those away.



Leonie said...

Maria I'll say a prayer for you - well done on the walking :-)and keep up your walking! Walking sounds like something very good for you right now :-)

Rachel May said...

Maria, Great work! Better to be an emotional exerciser than an emotional eater. :)

Cindy said...

Oh, Maria, what a creative idea. I know sometimes just that change of scenery can be so helpful. When I was in CA my dh would be gone for a week sometimes 2 at a time... 3 is long. I know you will be so happy to have him back!

Make sure you take a few hours to give yourself some Maria-Time and take in a movie or go shopping. We all need that. (Well give Steve a kiss first... lol)

Great on your walking! I need to post what I read in Fed Up about exercise. It was so awesome and reminded me of you.. to do what feels good and not stress about it. I am taking it to heart.

Let us know how your tomorrow in the park goes!

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