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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Stress Eating...advice?

So since I've started blogging, I've been paying attention. How much exercise am I getting a day? Am I overeating? When and why? And exercise-wise, it's really helping! I've been walking/running 3 miles on most days, and just squeezing SOMETHING in on the days that I can't get to the gym or get on the treadmill. But the eating isn't improving. In fact, when life gets harder (as it did this past week when my 18-month old son broke his foot, went to the ER, got a cast, started sleeping poorly as a result, etc.) the eating gets worse. Mostly at night. I can be good all day, but at night it's like self-control goes out the window. The kids go to bed and I reward/relax myself with dessert. Or desserts. :-) Anyone have any advice? I still have 10lbs I'd really like to lose, but I have plateaued for months, and I know it is simply a matter of mindless stress/comfort eating. I plan to start keeping a real food journal (as compared to my "mental food journal" which very quickly gets set aside when dessert is on offer! :-)). Any other tips?


Rachel May said...

I feel for you! I'm having good days and bad days now so thinking out one piece of advice for you will help me tons too.

Here it is: You only have to do it right one time.

After that one time when you were the master of your own fate, you will be able to go back to that moment, remember the clenched teeth, the needy stomach, and the feeling of triumph. And you'll be able to have another one.

mom2mpr said...

Lately, I am operating on the-it'll be Ok principle. My eating healthy has fallen by the wayside but I prioritized exercise and I am still doing that, most days. Sometimes the hard times call for chocolate :)...and we need to be gentle with ourselves and forgiving. Seems you have a lot of stress...it'll be OK and you'll be back to your developing habits..just don't forget your goal, but don't stress.

Cindy said...


That is great advice. I will try that, too.

Nimah- I understand what you are saying completely. Only with me it is with salty carb.. for eg tonight. I was good all day, but then came home and ate a ton of BBQ potato chips.. while standing up.. while watching tv!

My mind just blanks and I forget all the careful eating and working out of the day. Why do we do that? lol

Anne, you are so right about being gentle with ourselves. I think that I may not be eating well all the time, but I am doing some things right, and how much better off I am than I could be if I hadn't.

Like Body Clutter says, we have to recognize when we are not talking kind to ourselves and start- loving ourselves. We often love others more than we love our own selve. God love us, we are his children and precious.

Niamh said...

Thanks everyone! :-) Rachel--your comments were inspiring and made me smile. And I accidentally diid it tonight! I was thinking of eating dessert, and decided to use the treadmill instead. So now, having read your comment, I am going BACK on the treadmill--no chocolate chip mint for THIS kid! :-) Cindy-my mind blanks too--its like my appetite (or whatever it is) has an "off" switch for my brain! :-) I am going to be gentle with self and report back. Thank you all for the help--Niamh

Leonie said...

I also find that I eat for stress, for tiredness, for happiness - maybe I just eat out of habit! lol! I've been working on this for years and think I'll probably work on it for life. However, slogans or mottoes help me - I don't do that any more; Put on the power, What I want most; that kind of thing. I write them down, I repeat them to myself.

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