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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another Update

So, how's the January Challenge ladies?

Yesterday, I ened up doing an old (very old, very dorky but fun) Jane Fonda workout. It's on VHS - 60 minute aerobics called Lean Routine. Dance and intervals and way out clothes!

Eating was mindful. Happy to say I'd lost a kilogram when I weighed this morning (had put on 3 kgs over the holidays so one down, two to go!).

This morning I did a Taebo workout with one of my sons - Ultimate Taebo. It is a 90 minute workout but I am back at work at Kumon today so didn't feel like I had 90 minutes in which to workout. So, Greg did 60 minutes and I did 71 ( but who is counting, right? lol!).


Rachel May said...

Great job, Leonie! I've found that being my goal with water has helped me with my weight, too.

What is Jane wearing? It looks like a lace bodysuit!

Leonie said...

A lace bodysuit it is! Can you believe it?? I got two of these old workouts on ebay. Fun and effective and great for a laugh when you look at the clothes...

sea glass hearts..... Laurie said...

Hi Leonie,
Thanks for visiting my blog. The Christ Child pic was from an old Christmas card I bought years ago and just adore. I realized I could scan it and post it so I did.

I would love some help from you if you have time. I have tons of unschooly questions about life w/ my 3 kids.

But pressing is that I actually did a Session yesterday with the DVD 30 Day Shred Jillian from Biggest Loser and today I can barely walk and getting up & down are torture!
So I skipped workout today.
How long will this hurt?
Do I workout to the DVD tomorrow despite the pain?

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge & Exercise encouragement.
You are my hero.

Cindy said...

Good job, Laurie!

Leonie, I love those old dorky Jane Fonda video.. remember leg warmers? lol

Any kind of moving is good.
I think I will try my Zumba class tomorrow. My knees have banned me from step and I am getting tired of the eliptical. I can always tell when it is time to change things up... ;0

Rachel May said...

Whew! I bet you could get a workout just from laughing!

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