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Sunday, January 25, 2009

...This week...Positive is the key word!

Hello everyone!

Last week went pretty well...my workouts lagged behind a bit (shame) but I have been working on my nutrition and detoxing from the holidays. Have managed to incorporate our home based meals with lots of salads, vegies and fruits. Am feeling so much better for it!

I ended up seeing "Yes Man" this week....which if I had known about some of the scenes, I would not have gone to...but...the message of being positive kept resounding in me! Of taking on the challenges (within reason...which he failed to do and burst some bubbles along the way )and of facing the challenges and opportunities in life with the "I will and I can" attitude....what we have been talking about in our efforts right along....this attitude opened up the doors to many great experiences for him, which he would have otherwise missed out on!

I can tend to be overcautious in many ways...
Spontaneous on one hand or so I think... but much often weighing myself down with the "oh what if" or " I can't do that" thoughts.
In the end undermining myself. My husband is great at challenging me in this way....but even then I'm like a stubburn horse that doesn't budge if I don't instantly feel comfortable with it!

So this week...my attitude will be tuned into positiveness!
Positive attitude towards:
1. My Ab Bootcamp exercises
2. My Eating habits
3. My personal relationships with my kids and husband and friends
4. My fear of rejection with cooking: I am volunteering to provide a dish for a fiesta our church is holding next weekend

I'm putting scriptures up on the walls that reinforce this....I am going to 'love what I do...what ever it is that I do...So help me God!


Leonie said...

I loved the positive side of Yes Man ( ignored the other bit!!) - saying yes to challenges.

Julie said...

Just side-tracking here for a minute: Didn't the girl in the movie remind you of a young Jenny Morris from the QED days? When I hear " Everywhere I Go" it takes me back to Uni days... I couldn't get over her likeness and that same 'conquer the world' spirit

Cindy said...

Awsome Julie! You are so motivating! Go for it... :)

Leonie said...

Oh, yes - I was impressed wth the female character, her energy and enthusiasm. What I want to bring to life, you know?

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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"Good friends are good for your health."

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