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Monday, January 26, 2009


Strength Training increases our Metabolism and Reduces Body Fat Research studies have shown that if we increase our lean muscle mass by 1.4kg we also increase our resting metabolism by 7% and our daily calorie requirements by 15%. At rest, one kilogram of muscle requires 77 calories per day for tis sue maintenance, and during exercise this figure increases dramatically. If we replace lost muscle through a sensible strength training program we will use more calories all day long and therefore reduce the likelihood of fat accumulation. Want proof? In a 1994 study, strength training produced 1.8kg of fat loss after three months of training, even though the subjects were eating 15% more calories each day. That is, a basic strength program resulted in 1.4kg more muscle, 1.8kg less fat, and 370 more calories per day food intake!

This was a good reminder for me - so I've added in a few more weights sessions to my kickboxing...Hoping to make the January Challenge ny February Challenge, too.


Cindy said...

So glad you posted this! My long distance workout buddy is really getting into this (I think she may becom a peronsal trainer) and she told me the same thing!

I have found it true too, when I strength train a lot I am firmer, clothes fit better even though my weight is not as light, I feel like it is.

Leonie said...

Wow, the clothes fitting better gives me encouragement. I think my February Challenge is more strength training.

Julie said...

I agree!
There was one time that all I did was aerobic warm up for about 20m and then 3 sets of a weight bearing exercise x 5 different exercises and I was unrecognizable in a month! Had made no change to my diet but was thinking that maybe at this age it wouldn't work...but I can see the changes in you, Leonie, just by your pictures!
I'll join in!

P.S. Leonie I was talking to Beatriz the other day and she said she didn't receive your invite...could you send it again?
Big Hug!

Leonie said...

Hey, Julie - can you send me Beatriz' email address and I will invite her to the group.


Julie said...

Sorry, Leonie...I hadn't seen this last post...am sending you a email with her details now.

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