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Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Good Thing

Ok, I am posting this b/c I am convinced we have to LOOK for the good things! They are out there, but so often I focus on what is not working/good/right!

Here is the deal....
My knees are cramping my style. I will be 50 next year. My body is telling me this. I can no longer do my step classes I love. Also found out today that Body Combat hurts, too. Any torque (twisting) hurts them. I had to give up jogging 5 years ago. Which was sad, too, as I have jogged since college.

Here is the good news---- I can still do spinning! (which I love). And the eliptical machine and with my music I can really get going and enjoy. That is double-good because if I do elip then I can go whenver I want and am not tied to a class schedule. Well, the elip machine is in this room where you are aimed at TVs. I find myself watching the TV and I don't watch ANY media news now. I am sick of the biased reporting, so I find my blood pressure goes up. Also I love fans blowing on me and they just have these ceiling fans that don't do much.

Well, this week, as I got brave and went in the big weight room *where the sweaty guys live*, I found a bank of cardio machines. They face out this plate glass window onto a lovely vew of the lake. NO TVs!! It is so pretty and you also get to see the kids play and swim the families go in and out, the moms chasing their toddlers to the cars... lol

AND THERE IS A GIANT FAN MOUNTED ON THE WALL JUST OVER MY FAVORITE ELIP MACHINE!!! I was even looking for a mini fan to bring in.. but this is perfect! I blast the fan on high, blast my jivin' music, watch the birds, geese and ducks, and get a great workout.

Life is Good!

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Rachel May said...

Awesome, Cindy! I love your attitude.

I've just started using an elip machine at my friend's house this winter and am liking more than I thought I would. I almost wish we had one at home, but I'm learning to love my bike too.

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