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Sunday, January 18, 2009

.....The Holiday is OVER...now I have to deal with the damage!

Hi Fitness Buddies....

I was missing in action....not wanting to come back from holidays...wanting to avoid the mundane for as long as I possibly could! For no other reason than that I loved the 'freedom' that being a tourist and exploring new things brings...but...Alas...though we walked heaps...diet was a not structured...found my appetite actually went due to the heat but we overloaded on Cokes, in an effort to satisfy dehydration and I now realize how WRONG that decision was.

The walking has made my legs really strong...but...I look like a paddle pop!

Lacking any focused upper body exercise, I look like a water balloon that has been squeezed from the bottom and is top heavy...and...oh boy...does it feel uncomfortable! I had taken a Tae Bo dvd with me but the cabin we were at had no dvd player and I thought that with the exercise I was doing...I would be ok...though I was swimming everday and walking...I have come to realize that the upper body is my stubborn section...it requires specific exercising...targeting the whole mass!

I agree with you, Cindy, about focusing on the positive. My realization that I have to do specific exercises for the upper body has given me focus...I just have to do it if I want to see results and it has to be long term!

I'm still catching up with older posts but just want to encourage everyone to keep on keeping on!

This week's commitment for fitness will be:

1. Nutrition
More vegies and fruits (we had very little during the holidays...lots of take-aways)
I like the idea of 'listening to our bodies needs' and the smaller meal concept...think my body functions better

2. Fitness
Ab bootcamp
Walking.....actually like it now...walking on the boardwalks of beaches of the Sunshine Coast were awesome! Maroubra beach here I come!

3. Mental Fitness
Positive thinking
Remaining active: relationships, learning, faith!

We have the power to change....Let's do it!


Leonie said...

I like how you covered all bases, including mental...I read somewhere that as we get older women are more likely to develop an apple shape so upper body and abs become areas of fitness concern....I know you will get back on the wagon, your plans are so sensible!

Julie said...

Thank you, Leonie!
It kind of made me feel good to be honest with the problem instead of hating the consequences!
I saw the last photo on your homeschooling blog and VAVAVABOOM...your perserverance is just RADIATING!
Thank you again for being such an inspiration!

Cindy said...

Awesome comback, Julie!

We have to live and have fun and be a'tourist' and relax and enjoy.. how you have come back to your structure and know healthy habits will make you feel better is inspiring!

Yes.. we can change! :)

Leonie said...

Give us regularb updates!

Julie said...

Thanks Cindy!
Will do, Leonie!
I did a day of wholesome food yesterday and can even feel the difference...but today...I've got sugar withdrawls from having been pumped up with Coke...but I've actually found that eating seasoned seaweed from the Asian grocers helps the cravings! Go figure!

Julie said...

And I love the taste!

Leonie said...

Seaweed..mm..not sure! I'm eating a bit more on hols..but am doing extra exercise, too!

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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