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Friday, January 16, 2009

So, how's your week?

How is the challenge for you guys?

I am great with workouts ( usual) but not-so-great with eating ( also usual, sadly!).

Eating junk. Eating too much. Maybe habit? Maybe eating instead of...instead of what? Not sure ... want to think about it.

Good news? Haven't had any alcohol for 16 days ( no cocktails before dinner! no wine with dinner! sob!) - so that cuts calories and is good for my health....

Looking forward to your check in.


Cindy said...

Wow, that sound so familiar, Leonie! And I read that alcohol is a double whammy because of the cal/sugar/dehydration.. but all then when one drinks a bit, they get happy and and start to not care what they eat! I know that from experience!

I found in the evening when I really want to let down and relax and think I want that glass of wine... if I have something a bit sweet.. even sugar free jello and a cup of coffee, gives me a similar let down/relax, take the edge off. Maybe it is partially the sugar in alchol we crave?

LEt me know how you do, as I am in the same boat!

Leonie said...

I've just been giving alcohol up for awhile, cold turkey! lol! No subs just not having it. Now, if I could do the same with nibbling at this or that....

Leonie said...

PS When I drink, I don't eat. I just drink. So really not healthy to skip dinner or eat only a mouthful cos am full of with that cocktail and am enjoying wine!!

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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