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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Leonie's Challenge Update

January 1.

Did my Taebo Workout, only time for 40 minutes.

Eating was cr*p, too much alcohol and too much picking at food. We had friends over and I just didn't eat mindfully.

January 2.

Remembered my affirmations. Reading Half-Assed but she seems so darn good all the time - always eating well and working out hard. Damn, that is how she lost 200 pounds whereas I am more of a bit here, a bit there person. Yes, I lost 80 pounds over a long-ish period but my biggest fear is ~ will I continue to stay there?? Will I get fat again?? Feel like there is a fat lazy person inside always struggling to get out...

My mind rebelled against the January challenge. Already. As always. I set up the challenge to do Taebo everyday so today I felt trapped. I don't wanna do Taebo -I love it but just because I said I must I don't wanna do it. So did a FIRM kickboxing workout instead- with weights. At least I never miss my beloved workouts....

Working on thinking about my eating, too - before I eat, not after!


Cindy said...

Wow, Leonie!
If this challenge is making you feel trapped and working against you-- then don't do it!

Is that encouraging... O rnot? I understand completely the mindset you are feeling. I have been there, too. Sometimes a challenge helps me, sometimes not.

I can imagine how it feels to worry you will gain back that weight. I am convinced you won't because you know HOW to keep healthy and also you have 'tasted' what it is like to feel fit.

I have gained back 8 of the 20 pounds I lost last year, but know I won't go father, because now I am beginning to feel the ill effacts. It is spurring me to get back to fit.

Please, take this challenge however you like. If you wnat to focus just on posting every day as your goal... or just on the perphial stuff (vitamins, water, etc0 and keep your workouts FUN.

This is as important as doing a challenge- or MORE importaint. Knowing yourself and what motivates you.

Please share when you can, as this kind of disucssion is more important than any silly challnege or goal.

I am wired that I like the goals, but yes, have had them where they make me feel trapped, too.

BTW my dh made a big elaborate New Years Day dinner lastnight.. I had wine, too much food and snacked while I cleaned up! FAILURE! Will post on that....


Leonie said...

Thanks, CIndy, you are so encpuraging. Really. I know that I have to change my mindset so will continue to work on myself and on the challenge. :-)

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