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Friday, January 30, 2009

February Challenge?

Any thoughts on a February Challenge? Who's in?

I already mentioned that I want to add in more strength training.

Still thinking about another focus for February.

Ideas, anyone?


Willa said...

I was just thinking about a February Challenge. So I guess I'm in!

Julie said...

I'm in!
I definitely want to add weights training
Feeling as well a real need to deal with 'mind set' and 'healthy self-esteem'...
Has anyone else dealt with these issues? I feel I need to make peace with myself but am just begining to touch the surface...love to hear any words of experience!

Cindy said...

Great Leonie-

The last week of Jan was just spent sick as a dog. I have not worked out in over a week and feel like a giant knot... I can tell how much better I feel when I DO workout.

I had this great post in my head about what I learned from January and you know how you write the posts in your mind? I thought I had posted it, but scouring the blog I see I never did.

It was something to the effect that I started really to be more in tuned with my body... could 'feel' when I was eating for no reason, that sort of stuff.

Oh well.. on to Janaury!

Yes, my goal for Jan is to get well all the way. ARGH.. and then just get back to my routine. I feel so much better when I eat 'clean' and am working out.

Then comes Lent. I always have trouble with Lent. I find fasting is so hard because I mix it up with health etc. So I look at non -food fasting. And thn set too many goals. (oh, does that sound familiar?)

Will think more on this....

(BTW Julie that was such a cute cartoon you put up wihh the running shoes! lol)

Leonie said...

Hi guys, good to see you're in ! You know, I 've tried to think less about food and watching what I eat - and I've lost a kg?? Perhaps I was stressing too much? I did write about an epiphany on my blog - that maybe being good enough was okay. Good enough body, good enough wife, good enough mother, good enough Kumon Supervisor...maybe less stress and pressure means less over eating for me??

Purpleflowerpatch said...

Leonie, I'm turning 50 this year too and this whole health thing is WHY I need to lose weight and be fit...I have grandkids, I want to see them grow up. My baby is 14 and I want to be there for her for a long time (be it God's will), and my husband is 7 years younger than me so heck, I NEED to stick around for a while longer to enjoy the years ahead with him!
I used to be an exercise nut...then I turned 46 and we moved *again* and I just lost the drive. I'm working on getting it back now.
I'll never be *pretty*, but I think I'm nice, pretty on the inside...most important in the big picture. The lesson is to love me 'as is' and treat m'self nice. ;-)

Leonie said...

Yes, Jennifer, it is more about whats inside - and about fitness...

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