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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Check In

Hi all-

Well, of course life got super busy the past two weeks, which makes it harder. Actually I think it helps the eating if I am busy, b/c I don't think about eating... but then when I do eat, if I am not very organized I have to grab quick stuff.

Like you, Leonie, my workouts are going great. But that is not a problem for me, as this is a long ingrained habit. It is nice to be at that place with it... just like brushing teeth, it is not even an option, I just do it! So nice, becuase remember when I used to talk myself out of it.. and took so much energy just to get there.

My eating has not been perfect, but I am happy with it in general because I am aware. I mostly did my rather strict eating plan to get myself back to portion control and being aware of what I eat. So if I go over, it is ok, but I think about why.. was I really hungry, or just tired/bored/mad/stressed. Etc. Because I KNOW I have eaten this plan before and felt great and not hungry. So that is my thing--- makeing that connection and awareness. I hope, hope, hope that one day the eating will be as second nature to me as the workouts are now. So I can live, go off the healthy stuff, but come back to it, like i do workouts.

Water is a challenge. AGain, I am more aware. I am setting little goals... I have a 32 oz water bottle I take to the Y. I drink my coffee on the way to the Y (bad girl, but I LOVE it!) then down a quart of water while working out. I make myself finish it if need be before I leave.

I refill it at the Y and then try and make myself drink it all on they way home (it is 11 min drive home..lol) So, if I do that I have 64 oz in already. Then try and drink water will all meals and only have non-water drinks for special things.
But, I am getting more aware.

So.. I am happy with the challenge.. it is keeping my focused and I have messed up but I am so far past beating myself up. What a waste of energy! Just learn from my mistakes and go on....

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A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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