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Monday, July 16, 2007

10 Minute Solution

Today I did 4 segments from the 10 Minute Solution Kickbox Bootcamp workout, with Kelli Roberts. I did the Basic Training ( kickbox), Lower Body ( kickboxing moves and weights), Arms and Shoulders ( upper body with weights) and Blast ( bootcamp - aerobic and anerobic drills with strength, very challenging and fun!).

If you can ever get your hands on the 10 Minute Solution Workouts - grab them They are versatile - I have a few of the intermediate level ones and you can do all 5 segments or mix n match segments.

My eating last night was erratic - I was very tired after a busy day and a late night at work so ate a little bit of this and a little bit of that after a late dnner. :-( I need to plan ahead and stop this mindless eating , if I want to lower my BMI and look better! lol!


Cindy said...

The 10 min solutions sound neat, Leonie. May be just what I need as I tend to drift off when I do videos at home... I see all the work I think I should be doing.. ala vacumming, etc! 10 min would be perfect.

I know what you mean about the eating... late night is the worst.

So far I do like my planned eating as I have no decisions to make, and look forward to what I will get.

But this is early and I have not had a craving or upsetting night yet! lol

Good luck, know you will rebound on your eating. Awareness is 90%.

Leonie said...

Yep - eating was better today! Not stellar but better. :-)

Rachel May said...

I like the sound of 10 minute workouts too. Sometimes it's hard to block off a long period, but if I did only 10 minutes here and there, it would be better than nothing.

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