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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Balanced 4 week plan

This morning Maria told me that I must be having another baby since my tummy is "getting big and sticking out." (I'm not pregnant.) Well, that is just added incentive to stick to the plan Bill and I worked on Sunday. He's such a gem. Always ready to help me with a new exercise plan. I picked 4 weeks because it seems doable, and it will carry me through the conference.

Here's what I came up with:

Snooze button meditation: I put my yoga mat next to my bed so that when the alarm goes off, I can take my temp, hit the snooze and then roll to the floor for a 7 minute quieting exercise. If you think I don't need a quieting exercise after 8.5 hours of sleep, you are wrong! I've never been great with morning prayer, so I decided to start with meditation which for me is really a listening prayer.

Sat and Sun aerobic exercise either running or swimming. Since they are whole body workouts, I don't need anything else.

Tues and Thurs aerobic exercise on the bike for 30 min. I'm embarrassed that I couldn't figure out the itunes store, so I have to have Bill help me the first time. My playlist is 30 minutes right now, so I just ride until it's done. The problem with the bike is that it doesn't work my abs (hence the poochie belly) or upper body. On days I ride the bike I'll also do upper body workout like 10 pushups every time I wash my hands.

Food and water: We've acquired some bad food habits this summer. :( Now I'm back to drinking tons of water all day long instead of soda or koolaid or coffee... Also, I find that if I only let myself snack on fruit after breakfast, I do much better with food overall. This week we have melons and peaches. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!


Cindy said...

Plan sounds great... go, girl!

Leonie said...

I like the way you have the plan fitting in with your life - and dontcha love the comments kids make! lol!

Niamh said...

I LOVE your plan! It is so excellently planny! :-) And I LOVE the meditation-I may need to add that in, too--does it give you more patience during the course of the day? ;-) I too have come up with a first-thing-in-the-morning-plan. I put on my work-out clothes first thing, and am only allowed to take them off after working out! Since I don't LOVE walking around in public places in spandexy pants, I have been getting the exercise out of the way in the morning! :-) (and I'm sure your belly looks great).

Rachel May said...

Nimmy, You made me chortle! I've been roaming in spandexy yoga pants today and loving it. They're black with a big pink stripe and a black shirt hides the mummy tummy. :) I think PMS is messing up my patience, but I will not give up on meditation!

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