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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How Is Everyone?

I wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing. It has been quiet here lately, I hope I have not been monopolizing the blog!

Anne- How are the exercise tapes coming? Are you still walking the neighborhood?

Rachel- Did you ever get your playlist together? I want to find a cheap way to download music. I wonder.. is $1/song the going rate?

Niamh- How is your son's foot? I was also wondering about the stress eating. You know the lady at the Y recommended I eat 5-6 meals a day at 300 cal each. She said, that won't seem like much but try. It seems to be working very well for me and has actually curbed my stress eating, because I am allowed to eat (mentally) and then I will stop, knowing I can eat again. Just wanted to share that tip.

Night is still the hardest for me b/c I am tired and let my guard down. But also since I am recording at http://www.fitday.com/, I tend to stop so I can record a 'good' day!

Maria- Have you been pool jogging lately? Any more bike rides?

Leonie- What have you been up to- any new videos?

Faith- I miss hearing from you... have you been able to exercise lately?

Would love to hear what is up with everyone when you have a chance.


Leonie said...

CIndy - I can't put any text in the title space on my blog, either! Weird!

Sorry I have been absent - some very busy days here - I've been workin out ( of course!) but no time to blog. :-(

Rachel May said...

Cindy, This was the kick in the backside I needed! I'm building the playlist mentally, but I haven't gone shopping yet. $1/song at itunes is what I'm planning to have to pay for the songs we don't have on disc at home.

I have been hitting the exercise bike some and did some laps in the pool, but mostly I've been busy working on the 4real conference....and eating too much. Just thinking about the blog has helped me make it through some workouts even if I don't ever get them to the computer.

Cindy said...

Hi Leonie-

Glad you are working out even if you are not blogging! Fun to see your posts on your regular blog today.


Oh, good.. can't wait to hear your playlist. Glad you are working out, too. Are you invovled in the 4real conference? When is it? What are you doing to help?

(Oh, do you see the Niles family much... Kevin says they are moving to Germany!)

Rachel May said...


Before I hit the bike and write out my playlist.... :)

The conference is Aug 11 here in VA. I'm the officially the treasurer but I'm trying to pitch in anywhere I'm needed.

I had dinner with Sarah and Troy last night. We're driving out to see them tomorrow and again on Sat when Bill and I will officially become Troy's godparents! We're trying to pack in as much time as possible before the big move. We are all very sad about it.

OK, off to exercise before Bill comes home from RCIA. Is it cheating to do the bike with no shoes on?

mom2mpr said...

It took forever for my post about "obstructions" with the photo to come up here--I am talking DAYS!! Not sure if it has anything to do with text in the title but thought I'd mention it. I am far from blogging and computer literate :)
I have done nothing exercise-wise. We have had houseguests and dd only wants me, and is getting up early and is in a "no" phase. It has been tough. We will have company or will be traveling for most of July so I have no expectations and am planning my new mode of attack for this area of my life.

Cindy said...

Hi Rachel-

Good luck with the conference!

Tell Kevin hi--- I have not met them in person, but talked to Kevin a lot as I think I mentioned, he is my Lighthouse manager. What a great, sweet guy. I just love him. I have not done a lot of business lately but he is so nice I don't feel bad.

I know you all will miss them... they sound like a great family.

You are a godmother.. Cool! Blessings to you all!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Tons of pool jogging here!

And hopefully more of it today! I took a much needed break yesterdaym though! I had been pool jogging for about 10 days straight.

We're getting ready right now to go for a bike ride - my oldest had 2 pet sitting jobs last week and we're off to cash the checks!

Niamh said...

Cindy--Thanks for the check-in! I've been doing great. I officially joined Weight Watchers, just to give myself the extra incentive to lose that last 10 lbs (although on THEIR scale I had more than 10 to lose! :-) I think I'm going to pretend my scale is correct!!) I've been extremely faithful about working out, although I think I need to start mixing it up a little...my body is getting used to doing the same ol' 2-3 miles/day. :-)

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