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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Something new- training diet

Hi all- thought I would share here...

I have gotton away from dieting and try to eat healthy as we have discussed here. I have used WW in the past and it was just the thing.. esp to make me aware of portion size, etc.

Well, an old friend who lives in VA is about my age and has felt her weight creep up over the years and wants to go after it once and for all. And try to get back to some habits that will stick for life.

She went to a professional trainer and is on a vigerous excerise schedule. I am doing about 80% of what she is on my own, so am stepping up my exersie to match her program.

He also gave her an eating plan. Very specific. Measure those portions. I wrote it down and am going to do it with her. In a way it is a relief as I *know* it is all the BLTs (Bites, Licks and Tastes!) that are keeping my weight up!

Yesterday I cooked up my main protien source (chicken) and weighed and put it in packets I can pull out at mealtimes. It is all pre-planned, I don't have to think!

So, I have challenged myself to do this for a month... and see how I feel. Maybe I will get used to eating less and quit my maniac snacking habit.. we will see.

Wish me luck!

(btw, yesterday I followed it and really enjoyed it.. but of course that is Day One...)lol


Niamh said...

Cindy-Good for you! :-) I have now been on WW for less than a week, but I am ALREADY noticing the difference. I am MUCH more aware of what is going IN to my body--and I feel less bloaty and more in control! Parcelling out your chicken sounds like a great idea! Good luck!

Cindy said...

Thanks Niamh! And good luck to you with WW.... that is a very healthy plan and I liked it when I did it.

I agree- I am much more aware, too. I just had a major challenge.

Boys wanted me to make them fajatas... yum. I did and I was starving as I did it. But I didn't eat a bit. It made me see how MUCH I usally just snack and pop things in my mouth.. I can get a whole meal while cooking for someone else!

I knew I would get my 1/2 energy bar and a hot cup of tea (and my computer lol) as soon as I finished. And I did. I cut my energy bar into itty bitty bites and put them in a pretty little bowl. Then I savor.

So far I think this is just what I needed. I feel pampered when I do eat, and have (so far) stopped the snacking.

LIke you say, less bloaty and more control. But happy control :)

Let us know how the WW goes! Are you doing online or irl classes?

Niamh said...

I am doing the actual meetings, but I signed up for a monthly pass, which gives me access to the e-tools, so I can track things on the computer. :-) Nice to have both! :-) Good for you for holding back on the kid-snacks!

Leonie said...

Wow, Cindy, you sound very disciplined! Good luck with your month plan!!

And good for you, Niamh, with working at WW. I find portion control is everything, for me.

Willa said...

About that BLT habit -- which I share -- I've been writing all those nibbles down in my food log. It helps me remember that I really don't want to have to write all that down -- so I'm more conscious of my grazing.

Another thing I do is put a bowl of carrots or celery out while I'm prepping food.

I like your idea of having a little "pamper yourself" snack in the afternoon. My mother in law has a half cup of white wine, and a handful of sunflower seeds, every afternoon without fail. She sits down on the porch and reads a magazine and just completely relaxes. It works for her -- she still has a great figure in her early 70's.

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