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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tour de France 2007

I signed up for the Tour De France!

Well, at least my local YMCA's version of it.
Remember I wrote how the instructor had us doing 'Stage 1', or 'Stage 2' of the Tour de France?

Well, it turns out there are really 20 stages (days) to the real race, which really starts in real France July 7.

The Y has the instructors doing a different stage each week day. And if you sign up (which I did) then you have a little stamp card and you get it stamped for each workout. The goal is to complete 20 workouts in the month of July. They can be any type of aerobic workout, but I am going to try and mostly spin so I can get better.

(I really have a long way to go.. can't really do a standing run or sprint and my seat really still hurts a lot even with the padding...)

But, it is fun to have incentive! If I do it, then I will be in a drawing for neat stuff, get invited to a celebration ride and breakfast and also get a cool T shirt.

Also this is fun for me because I am learning all about the Tour de France. I really only know it because of Lance Armstrong. But in our packet they gave us the map, etc. So every day I can see what the upcoming 'ride' will be. The instructor simulates it and tells us there is a hill coming at mile 130, (so we are supposed to increase resistance, but often I just don't because I am already at max!)--- or we are on the plains, but our group is trying to pass another.

Call me silly, but I love this imagry working out.. I close my eyes and really picture it!

Also today a new person joined and it helped put things in persective for me. She was about 5 ft tall and must have been more than 100 lbs overweight. She could not bend over to get her foot latched into the pedal. I was so happy the instructor came over to welcome her and I gave her a smile. I give her so much credit for working out- that must be so hard when you can barely bend, to get up and to the gym and try and get healthier. Ladies, we really have no weight struggles compared to this and it also made me realize how lucky I was.

I hope she keeps coming back.

Ok... off to shower and then dogsit, then dentist, then cat sit and clean the house... then read some to the boys... .then... busy day!

Thanks for letting me share.. I just love this kind of stuff (the virtual bike race)- just makes working out and life more fun. :)

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K said...

That sounds like fun! They have a big screen at one of the Y's I go to and we watch all kinds of bike races while we ride. I always love to imagine I am riding right alongside the other cyclists. Maybe one day...

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