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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Heart rate tracking

For those that like to track heartrates, here is a site that calculates what your training zones are.
Click Here.


Leonie said...

Looks interesting - way too technical for me, though! lol!

Cindy said...

Hi Leonie-
I understand... I mostly use my hr monitor while spinning, as it tells me if I am working hard enough. Sometimes it is hard to tell! Also it is fun to have as I try different types of workouts, I can glance down and see what zone I am in, tells me to work harder or lighten up.

Once you are over about 70% of your max hr, you are actaully anaerobic and not burning fat.

Since burning fat is a very desireable goal for me, it is nice to help me actually slow down at times. I tend to try and work hard even when I don't need to. My type a part I guess! :0

Rachel May said...

I was thinking it would be useful for biking too. But I'm pretty lame. I don't know how to get my resting heart rate. I did the math to get the max one. Then do I input both and it tells me the zones?

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