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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

OK. now I need a new goal...

I finished my Tour De France. :)

Now i need a new mission in life.. lol

Any ideas?


Leonie said...

Woo hoo! Great job!

Do you like rotations and plans or would a season of winging it be a new challenge for you?

Cindy said...

Thanks, Leonie.

I think I want a new goal. I am not weighing, but I think I have lost some weight and defineitly gained muscle this last month as my clothes are fitting better. I hesitate to use weighing numbers as a goal and have in mine some clothes I would like to get back into as a goal.

I am keeping on the training diet... and want to keep doing my increased workouts for a while longer, maybe through mid August?

So perhaps that should be my goal.

It was fun to take my Tour De France card in the the instructor and get the little boxes stamped for each aerobic workout I did! lol

Thanks for helpimg me think this through. I don't want to wing it now, though, I fear I will lose the progress I have made!

Leonie said...

I think its a great idea to o by how clothes fit - that really shows the change in body composition. Somethin the scales can't show. Although weighing in weekly is important for me - its one of my tools, iykwim?

The training diet sounds tough, so gfy re sticking to it.

A few online sites have suggested rotations that may help - here's a link -

K said...

How about Sunmart 50K or The Houston Marathon... I know someone you could train with!!!

Cindy said...

Leonie- thanks for the rotation ideas


OK, IRON WOMAN, are you trying to get me to do this crazy stuff with you?!

Don't you remmeber the main reason I like spinning? It is inside in the A/C with giant indusrtial fans blowing on us full force! lol lol lol

I admire you though, and am living vicariously through your athleticism! :-) Go girl!

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