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Monday, July 23, 2007

Some interesting articles on health and fitness...

...from the Weight Watchers Australia site.

Oh, and on Sunday I did a Basic Taebo Live Workout ( 30 minutes) with son Jonathon and his friend Meg.

A cool song on this - Shake Your Booty!! Is it KC and the Sunshine Band??

Anyway, I kicked butts - in a nice way, of course. Jonathon and Meg might be younger than me but I wasn't the one who was dead after the workout! lol!


Rachel May said...

Interesting site Leonie. Good work on the Taebo. I almost did a tape last night, but I had ice cream instead. The WW quiz says I need to add some enthusiasm!

Cindy said...


Nice site.. I love the way it talks Aussie! lol (mum, kilojoules, etc... )

I love that song and I think it is KC and the Sunshine band. I find I love the 70s disco the best when they play it at aerobics... guess I'm stuck in the past.. lol

Rachel- which quiz did you take? I looked around but couln't figure out which it was that you mentioned... thanks!

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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