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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Can You Run?

Quick workout check-in. I swam twice this week, and this morning I ran 1.25 mi with my older 3. Definitely need to put some track hours in since the boys and I are going to run the Race for the Cure 5k in a few weeks.

I also wanted to recommend this book the Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer. When I was in the delivery room with #3, I asked, "How soon can I start marathon training?" This book is what inspired me to even consider running although I hadn't run since elementary school. I've never run a marathon; 6 miles is my top distance ever, but this book got me there. At the beginning of the book, there is a very nice, gentle training plan to transition you from walking to running, and the rest of the book has tons of inspirational stories narrated by a "putty mom" who does end up finishing a marathon--and what a finish! I've run on (between pregnancies) and off (during pregnancies and postpartum) for the past six years. One thing I've marvelled at is the fact that even when I haven't run for a long time, I can always run a little when I want to. And even a little run can improve your athletic walk.


Leonie said...

Wow, you are inspiring. I've never really got into running - just an occasional run. I might just check out that book...

Rachel May said...

I never thought I'd be a runner, but it's cheap (a guiding principle for me), gives me more bang for my buck than walking, and the time investment is similar to doing a video at home except you can leave the house. Also, Runner's World always makes it sound really fun.

Cindy said...

Hi Rachel-

I used to love to run. It was the first exercise I started in college wtih my buddy and I kept it up until I reached about 40 which at that point my joints could not bear the stress and the allergies in Houston also kept me from excerising out doors.

But, I agree with you... it is cheap and easy and I loved running in all the different places I would find myself! Not only living in different places around the country, but when we travled I could just slip on my sneakers and take off.

I was never very fast, or went farther than about 3 miles per run, but I felt so 'worked out'... and sometimes I would hit that zone while running... which was awesome! (I also hit the 'wall' a lot, too...lol)


Rachel May said...


Wearing out joints is the one thing that I see as a drawback to running, but I figure that as that day approaches, I'll walk more or...do Jazzersize? lol

I've never been in the zone. I look forward to that day. :)

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