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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

More Zumba!

Tonight I plan to hit the Y for another Zumba class, then a Mat Science class, which I hear is killer. I assume it is strength training...

I just loved the Zumba I took last week! Picture it:

I am walking the halls of the YMCA, which I am still finding my way around. I hear the Zumba class is in the gym, room 5. I wander in the general direction I think the gym might be. I hear, in the distance Latin music. I get closer, it gets louder. My heart beats faster... it is like in college when you are invited to a party and as you approach you hear the music and it just draws you in.....!

I opened the door and the class is in the ENTIRE big gym, and there must be 75 people all Zumba-ing to Latin salsa music with is blasting on the speakers! There are all ages, shapes and sizes, many elderly, many younger and they are all swiveling their hips and stepping out and I have never seen so many SMILES in an aerobic class!

I hurry to find my place admist the crowd and start trying to follow along.

I have done aerobics for years, and lately a lot of Jazzercise which by nature is dancy. But this was a challenge. You must swivel your hips while you do *everything! lol It was a blast and I got a tremendous workout... my hr was right up there and burned 50 more cal than my regular Jz and this was just in 45 minutes vs an hour of Jz. At the end she did a squat routine that was a killer.

I introduced myself to the teacher after, and she was just so sweet. I felt part of a really big Zumba community!

All this to say, I think they are right on when they say variety is so important. I went to PT yesterday ( which I love) and even enjoyed the Jz after. It is so easy to get burned out on a workout, but when you add variety, it is so nice.

Tomorrow am we are off to Florida so I hope to get a really hard workout in tonight. I also hope to workout there, as well- am checking the local Jz and gyms. We will do a lot of walking, etc, but I do love a throughout workout.

Sorry I haven't posted much lately.. but I am reading. You all are doing great!


Leonie said...

Zumba sounds like fun - just not sure about the Latin thing. When I've done Latin dance workouts I don't feel as high as when I do kickbox and hip hop. :-) Have a safe trip and many good workouts!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

It sounds awesome!

Rachel May said...

I can see this in my head perfectly, and it sounds like a lot of fun.

Cindy said...

Hi all-

I am finding it a kick.. and I understand Leonie.. it sounds like kickboxing is your thing! Go for it! Everyone has different tastes. I am trying all the classes at the Y one by one.. and I scheduled my week today and do Kickboxing on Tuesday!

Actually I did it years ago at the Y and it was a 'kick'! Tough workout but lots of fun. They had all the equipment and we got to kick the big bag, etc.. and she had it military style.. had us run back and forth the length of the gym, etc. I bet you would love it since you enjoy Billy Blanks! :)

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