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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mean and Not Lean..:)

That seems to better describe me these days! I think this age-thing is doing a real number on my body.... approcahing 48 (now that DOES sound old..) and it is just harder to do anything... build muscle, keep muscle and I just LOOK at bad food and my weight goes up, (though I don't weigh... I can just feel it.)

Anyway at the Y today after a pilates class I got discussing this with a couple other women in my relative age group. They were saying the same thing. I really have worked out a lot and no, my eating is not perfect, but it is amazing how our bodies hold onto it.

Oh well, I think where I would be if I *didn't* work out!

I think it really is a mind-body thing. That is the most important. Respect and love our bodies as God made them. Keep moving, keep our minds active and eat as best we can. Don't try to be 'thin' and I refuse to diet again. That just is not for me right now.. :)

Well, anyway... I did the Pilates Mat workout and really want to work on my flexibility and strength. It is a different kind of strength than the regular strength training and weight lifting. After that a new gym buddy I met found me looking into the Body Pump class, which had started already.

They use barbells and weights to music... so she and I went in and did the last half of that. Felt good. I think I need the strength training AND the pilates core work and stretch.

So I just worked out my schedule next week to try and find a nice mix. I am enjoying the Y quite a bit now.

How are you all doing? Would love to hear updates. Maybe I will have to change my goal from "Lean but not Mean" to "Sorta not Lean, and not very Mean, usually." :-)

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A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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