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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dancing with Ladybugs

Well, can I just say I'm hooked on the show, Dancing with the Stars?

I have longed to ballroom dance long before this show made it popular, so for Mother's Day, I received this DVD as one of my gifts. We had to order it so I didn't get it till this past Saturday...and yesterday, I did it for the first time.

Heavy breathing....

While I may bike ride, double dutch with the kids, play basketball and take walks, I was shown yesterday how out-of-shape I really am! I only made it through the Paso Doble before I had to slow down - and that was the first dance out of four.

Oh well. At least I can aspire to dance even when I'm panting heavily.

But in all seriousness, it was great doing this because even my children got into it and all five of us were getting our freak on in the living room.

Maybe we'll just call that the Ladybug Boogie!


Leonie said...

Hi Maria!

Well done on getting in your workout! I saw that this DVD was one of the best sellers at the Collage exercise online video store this month. Its very popular!

Keep working at it and you'll be able to do everything at a high pace eventally - I know I lOve it when a previously hard workout seems easy for me - shows my growth in fitness. :-0

Anonymous said...

I just got this DVD and I LOVE it. Yes,it is very difficult but so much fun. I really feel like a dancer which is what I have always wanted to be. Oh, by the way, I really like your fitness site.


Cindy said...

Oh Maria meant to tell you.. the Y is having dance lessons this summer! 3 ballroom, 3 salsa and 3 CW... now to figure out how to get my dh to join me.. MIssion Impossible! lol

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

My dh told me he'll take lessons with me when he's off the graveyard shift and we can afford it!

I can't wait! What a wonderful way to get in shape and spend time together - Cindy, can you pitch it to your dh like that? :-)

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