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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Kickboxing today- plus major floor work...

Today I did the kickboxing class at the Y. I had done it a few years ago and liked it then. It was hard! (Thinking of you the whole time, Leonie!)

She did a great job organizing us- as there were about 40 of us. Part of the time we were all working on moved together, then she had us in three groups. One group would do standing kicks against the weight bags, another would do moves with light weights, the third would do front kicks against the thingies she held in her hand.

Then we were find a partner and 'spar' practicing our jabs and hooks and defenisve pose. Wow I was sweating!

After that I did an hour long Mat Science class. It was nice and dark with quiet music, but boy was it hard. Mix of yoga, pilates, etc. Instructor and many of the students were very advanced. But she helped each of us find our level. Did some new moves I never had before... I will be sore tomorrow.

Too bad my hr monitor was blanking out. Bet I burned about 700 cals.... :)


Leonie said...

Ooh, cool workout!

Cindy said...

Hi Leonie...

I am SO sore today!
I really think I over did. I should not have tried the Mat Science after the Kickboxing, as the KB really took it out of me.

I feel battered... and wonder if the KB it too high impact? We were kicking and impacting the weight bag.... it is hard to seperate where my hurts stem from.. the KB or floorwork!

My core is very sore.. I think that is the floorwork.

Oh well, I think next time I will only do KB and see how well I recover. It was fun, though. I just want to make sure it is not too much impact. Do you find that trouble?

Or maybe you are not impacting things when you kick? Maybe I will just cut out that part?

Leonie said...

KB is intense - I tionk its just that the matwork and KB was too much. Just KB should not be a problem - maybe try that and see - but you can also make it lower impact if you'd like. Both Chalene ( TJ) and Billy (TB) have low impact modifications.

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