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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Today's workout

Today I did a Taebo workout - I haven't done one in awhile. This was my cardio but Taebo, like all kickboxing, is also strength.

I did Ultimate Abs - some good standing ab work and cardio.

And spent hours at the hospital with Thomas - he got hit in the head with a croquet mallet at homeschool park day this morning and needed stitches and x rays. Thankfully, nothing was broken - but the mallet narrowly missed his eye. The stitches are on his right cheek, near the eye.

Workouts and drama. :-)


Cindy said...

Oh Leonie, I hope Thomas recovers quickly---- how scary. Give him some big hugs...

Rachel May said...

It must have been a bad day for Thomases. Mine got kicked in the face by a a 10 yo who is taller and heavier than I am. He has a sneaker tread mark about where yours has stitches it sounds like. I hope your Thomas gets better soon. Will it scar and give him a rakish look or will it fade nicely, do you think?

Leonie said...

Hope your Thomas is okay!

Cindy - thanks for the thoughts - Thomas was the one who had the major bike accideet and surgery in October so he is definitely in the wars!

Rachel - Thomas wants to the scar to fade so it doesn't spoil his looks! lol! Vanity!!

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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