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Saturday, May 26, 2007

A One Woman Crusade!

Two years ago we moved here. For two years I have struggled with the fact that no one waves. Or even looks at you. You know, when you are walking down the street? We moved from the south where you--well, just do it--and smile. We recently visited our old town and dd(who is 4) commented, "Mommy, why does everyone here raise their hand?" People were waving :)
So, I have been taking my weekend walks and waving and smiling at the cars going by. When the kids and I walk on the road-they now wave and smile, too. People are starting to wave and smile back-especially the older folks. I am starting to recognize people. This is so cool!! We are changing the world-well, our neighborhood-- one wave at a time :)
This week I did well exercise-wise. I did my jog/walk on the treadmill 15-20 minutes, twice. Weights once--only half the workout since I did it with the video and it takes longer. I took Friday off--the push ups on Thursday really did me in. This am went for my "waving" walk down to the river--very pretty. My pup was a little distracted today so it wasn't the most aerobic walk :) I am finding muscles I haven't heard from in years :)
Food-really visited the chocolate this week. Have to review by Bestlife book and get re-inspired.
I am taking notes on everyones exercise videos. I am already dreading winter and keeping up with exercise and staying motivated. Can anyone recommend a good beginner core strength video?
Have a great weekend and keep moving!


Leonie said...

Anne, lovely to read your check in!

We have moved lots and it is interestin to note how different people are in different regions - we hae been here in Sydney two years and although it is a big city ( 6.5 million people) , it is very friendly.

Good for you wrt your crusade!

Loved hearing about your walks, your workouts and your push ups.
:-)Have you tried any pilates workouts? They are often good for core strength - a nice beginner is the Crunch Pick Your Spot Pilates, 3 10 minute sections. I also like the 10 Minute Solution workouts - esp Banish The Belly Fat and the Stability Ball workout. You can do one or more 10 minute section and they all work your core.

Cindy said...

Hi Anne-

I just love your waving story.

I live in the south, but a big city. No one waves out in the city/burbs, but in my neighborhood we all do.

But, when I go visit my parents, who live in rural East Texas, EVERYONE waves!! It is funny, if we are on a walk, it almost feels like a chore to me to wave-wave-wave-wave-wave at each car. I know if I dont' it will get back to my mom.. lol But that is good.

You will make a difference. It is like Mother Teresa said.. something about how a smile can change the world.

Enjoy your posts!

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