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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hip Hop Abs

I got the Hip Hop Abs set from ebay and have ben enjoying those this week - I got the basic set, would also like the Maximum results set. They are fun and Shaun T seems a fun instructor. Not hard workouts but I think I can add weighted gloves to make more impact and I did string two or three of the workouts together.Thursday I did the Total Body Blast, ( cardio and strength work), which uses weights and has some hip hop dance moves, followed by HHA Ab Sculpt - mostly standing ab moves. All in all, I worked out for 60 minutes.

Friday I did HHA Fat Blasting cardio - an easier 30 minute workout, I pumped up the impact and would add the gloves next time. But it was fun! Reminded me of Turbo Jam and Donna Richardson's Old School Dance Party mixed together! lol! Followed this with the 24 minute HHA Hhips/Buns/Thighs workout - very nice unweighted lower body work, standing and floorwork. I felt these two HHA workout days in my abs on Saturday, so that is a good sign!

Saturday I did Taebo Total Body Blast from the Fat Blasting two pack. Love the intervals of Taebo cardio and band work. Billy is very motivating in his talk at the end of this workout.

That's my update for this week. :-)

Cindy, I am re-reading the Debra Waterhouse books this week and they are very good for reminding one of fitness and a healthy body image, regardless of your stage in life. Last night, at a second hand bookstore, I picked up another one by Waterhouse, on mother-daughter relationships and food. Scanning through it this morning, I see that Waterhouse recommends allowing our bodies to find their natural, healthy weight by eating well, eating when hungry, not overeating, working out.

Perhaps pick up one of Waterhouse's books again, even the one for women over the 35?


Cindy said...

Yes, I like Debra Waterhouse.

I still have a problem with eating for the wrong reasons... but am working on it!

Leonie said...

I like her food journal ideas - not to track calories etc but to look at when and why we eat. She also suggests getting rid of the scales and going by clothes and measurements, finding our natural weight rather than a fixed number...

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