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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cindy's Exercise Plan for Week of Oct 4th

Every Sunday I look at my calendar for the week. The first thing I pencil in every day is my workout plan. That is the only way I know I will get to my workouts and treat them like appointments.

Then I fill in the rest of my life around them.... :) I love the way it makes me feel.. and i love getting the workouts done first thing so they are done.. and I can move on with my day.

This week will be challenging as I am going to be in Chicago Thursday through Saturday for a Lighthouse Catholic Media conference. I am excited, though to meet all these wonderful people and on Thursday I get to go to an Ignatian silent retreat at a monestary. Boy, do I need it! So, I will have to find some way to MOVE during my Chicago time.

Here is my workout plan: (all at the YMCA)

Sunday- Eliptical machines at the Y with new playlist my spinning teacher gave me! Oh, music motivates me so much!

11 am weight workout &
Spinning class

6am (yikes!) Step and Mat class

6am- Athletic Conditining class (cardio and weights)

Me and my tennis shoes at the monestary! I asked my friend going with me to bring her tennies, too... she has told me she HATES exercise and calls my workouts my 'torture sessions' but she does like to walk.. .so we will have fun.

What are you all planning this week? Big steps? Little steps?

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Leonie said...

Good plan - I always take my worlout shoes and a workout book when I am away for work conferences - do walks ort a mini routine in my room..Enjoy your week!

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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