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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Enough with the excuses!

Having decided to take the 'exercise' plunge...I'm a bit frustrated that I have failed to do the workouts over the last two days....

The school holidays has proven to send things into a spin...but not of the excersise kind!

Not having exercised for years.... I struggled at first with Jeanette Jenkins' Kickboxing Bootcamp...achieving a whole 10 mins of the warm up on the first try (uhggggg)...but I thought to myself...it's a start! Two days later I was able to do the whole dvd but in three segments (uhggggg...uhgggg...uhgggg).... I felt encouraged....I guess the endorphin kick set in and I no longer felt that negative ' I will never be able to do this' feeling. I find that her workout is good but she wears me out before I can get to the nitty gritty of the workout....so I tried

JM's Shape Up front....thinking again...I'll never make it...but I did..on the first try I finished it after two breaks and am keen on trying the maximise full frontal (my major problem area). I was able to keep up with her much better than the Jenkin's workout - didn't feel so puffed out...go figure! Loved her " I'm not going to let you quit' attitude...I needed it!

The curious 'take on a challenge' part of me took the Billy Blank's Bootcamp 1 out of its plastic wrap (can't even remember when I had bought it..but it was there...challenging me from the dingy darkness of the closet..).... It was fabulous...I was a human sprinkler system and in the privacy of my own exercise corner AND I felt like I was achieving something! I was able to finish it with two very short breaks...I found him very encouraging with his tidbits....just when I was questioning everything inside me...I heard this "you need at least 40 days of effort before you are going to see any results" voice coming from the tv and it just helped me put things into perspective....I know it sounds silly and unrealistic...but that defeatist part of me wanted to have seen results yesterday...just to justify giving up...but Blank's set me straight and I did it!

These last two days have seen other major obstacles stand in my way and I have not been able to get back to my workouts....but whereas...in the past...I would have let them get to me to the point of feeling 'crippled'...I've stopped to think that perhaps God is letting them come to surface because, like the exercise....I have to deal with them and they too have been a thorn in my side...the piece of wood in this lions paw.... with all her roars and bravado...these rotten little things tend to get the better of me...but...I don't want them to anymore...ENOUGH IS WITH THE EXCUSES!

Mind you! I chose yesterday to get out of the house and trying to 'air out'... went on a window shopping outing to a couple of suburbs.....I had the 'need to exercise' in the forefront of my mind so I pushed the pace at which I walked right around the shopping precincts....Does that count? I was good and refused to buy any junk...though the Pastisserie's taunted me to the left and the right and though I felt the hunger pangs by 2pm, I shunned the Chinese Take-away.....

On the drive home however...... the thought of an icy cold Coke from Mc Donalds seemed to be exactly what I needed.....so I talked myself into just making a quick stop and maybe grabbing a couple of chicken mcnuggets...I had done all that walking... I thought... and the heat yesterday here in Sydney was stifling...but...would you believe...that on the drive home (the shortcut way I use) had NO MC DONALDS ! The only Maccas and Hungry Jacks I passed were on the other side of the Princes Highway , which with the heat, I was not bothered to do the major turns and u turns needed to get there.........so I made it home....and sat down to the chicken leftovers from the night before and a refreshing salad........there were no cold cokes in the fridge...just some cold apple juice.... and....an ice cream (wooooops)!


Leonie said...

Wow, Julie, I am inspired by your commitment to working out. You started with a very difficult set of workouts, too...But aren't Billy's words so motivating? Especially on seeing change from the inside out.

I'll keep you in my prayers, it sounds like God is doing work in your life right now --same here, I feel as id I'm going through the fire, as Billy would say, hence some of my personal blog posts of late...

BTW, everyone, Julie is one of my homeschooling friends here in Sydney and I invited her to join this blog. And she is coming over for lunch today! Yay!

Julie said...

Thank u Leonie!
Thank u for today too!

I realized I hadn't introduced myself after I posted the entry and couldn't work out the edit button......

We so have to change from the inside out...as we go the next levels, the changes...I think God expects that of us...flexibility and growth...I was never really good with change...but...lately is a reoccuring subject that the Lord keeps allowing and I'm beginning to think ITS FOR A REASON...time to get out of my comfort zone and trust Him that little bit more...and more...after all...He sees the bigger picture while we cling on to the individual pieces...God have mercy on us!!!!

Cindy said...

Welcome Julie!!

So glad you are here and your post is so refreshing and honest... you are on your way. I could relate to so much of it, it really is a struggle at times.

I saying on my fridge that quotes Winston Churchill when he was fighting the Nazis-

"Never, never, never, never, never, never, never give up."

I love that. And boy do I need it. I know it really comes down to habits and changing themf or good. I mean not to say I will never eat this or that again, but just get out of the habit of doing unhealthy things most of the time.

My biggie is to eat when I am tired, frustrated, etc. I have lost 20 pounds over the last year, but have gained 10 back. I know why... I am tired, or my allergies have me sick and those chips or ice cream seem to soothe me. Much like your icy coke calling from McDonalds?

But I know how great i felt with those 20 pounds off, so will try and get back on the wagon. Funny thing was, when I was eating so healthy I felt BETTER. I wish my habits automatically defaulted to eating healthy.. I really want to change my habits for good.

I had one friend who was naturally thin. She said she could not eat until everything was quiet and she could sit and eat in peace. Well, she had small kids.. so that meant she was very thin! lol

I am the opposite... will eat on the fly, standing at the fridge so never even see a lot that goes down my pipe..lol

anyway, this was long, but welcome.. and glad you are hear.

The workouts will get easier.. they are hardest at first, but once you gain some momenteum, they will become fun and you will see progres. Keep it up!


Julie said...

Thank you for the warm welcome Cindy!

I appreciate your honesty too...and..true...we need to tap into the habits and understand what's happening and why...I must admit...I have found myself swallowing many a thing sometimes without having realized I was actually putting it into my mouth...BIZARRE!

Leonie was mentioning something about 'emotional eating' to a group of us today and I thought to myself...that may be something I may need to look into...am I an emotional eater? I really want to get to understand myself and what is motivating me to MAKE THE WRONG CHOICES...so I can change them.

I am already feeling the difference of having put exercise into my day and it feels GOOD!
I have a lot of weight to lose...but..I'm trying not to focus on how much I need to lose but rather how to change today to get healthy... and like you mentioned...learn to stay that way!

I admire you for your weight loss! Congratulations! That is an awesome achievement...regardless...

I'm excited about doing this with you guys!

God Bless!

Leonie said...

Yeah, Julie and I and two other friends were talking emotional eating today. Its something I know I do and I think its something I have to work on for the rest of my life, probably.

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