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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Whatever Process You are Following is Perfect for the Results You are Getting

I ran across the above profoundity somewhere on line as I was surfing health/diet/exercise.

This spoke to me and convicted me, too! I made a little sign and posted it on my fridge.

As I stand there looking at the words I realize just where I am now, with health and weight and fitness really is just the perfect reflection of the 'process' my body has been through as of late. My body does not play tricks with me, it just naturally reflects what I put into it and how much I move it.

That strips away the 'magic' of this diet or that one. There is no secret formula or mojo to make a diet work. It simply reflects how I live.

I think it also helped me to stop beating myself up because I didn't follow a strict diet or exercise plan. It made me see this is a process.

And, I realized too, that if I had not done all the good I HAD done, that I would be more out of shape and heavier. I am doing good things, too and my body notices those!

So, anyway, I liked this. It was honest and convicting but not negative.. and helps me continue to see this is a process and about long term habits. And slip ups are allowed. That is life!


Julie said...

I like it Cindy....I'm going to put it on my fridge too...help me focus!!!!

Willa said...

I liked that way of thinking about it, Cindy! One of the hardest things for me is seeing what I'm doing right rather than obsessing on the "failures", and thinking of health as an accumulation of all the things I do, not just some sort of temporary fix.

Leonie said...

Yes, it is honest nd real life. Like learning and unschooling - a step forward, a step backward, a really into it stage, a more laid back stage. Progression not perfection - remember my mantra! lol!

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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