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Sunday, October 12, 2008



I achieved part of my goals for this week!

Achieved goals:
1. Alternated Bootcamp 1 and Bootcamp 2 every weekday this week (Mon-Fri)
2. Alternated JM's Full Frontal and Maximize Frontal during the weekdays
3. Did 2 days of Blank's Ab Bootcamp
4. Walked along Maroubra beach coastline (3/4) on Thursday
5. Did some gym work

Felt I really needed to get a kickstart this week! Felt at times like really not doing it but was "driven' towards doing the workouts....I'm 'feeling' different! It's helping me FEEL different!

Blank says to give it 40 days before you see the changes and that kind of hit a nerve with me...Ok....I want to see the 'changes'...so...I need consistency...commitment...Ok...

I'm not doing it to the point of exhaustion....I'm a big girl but I always had a high level of flexibility when I was younger and part of me was really 'anxious' ... actually...about having to face reality and accept that perhaps age (and years of inactivity) had taken that away!

...BUT...it's still there!
Realizing "I still could" just rocketed me on!

I can already 'feel' the changes...though miniscule to the casual observer....
I'm breathing better! - Confession time: I have been suffering from this 'anxiety' type of throat constriction for years...where I felt I had something in my throat and could never swallow it...the sensation would make me claustrophobic and panicky...YET...NOW...I'm swallowing better! I don't feel the same...I actually went on an elevator to the 17th floor (entering an elevator is something I haven't done for years!)...These minor stepping stones are making me sooooo HAPPY!

Unachieved Goals:

Did not begin the Liver Cleansing Diet (had to re-buy the book after having lent my copy)-
Feel I still need to follow some structured eating and cleansing plan!

Goals for this Week:

1. Bootcamp workouts daily
2. Gym workouts
3. Specific ab workouts ( JM's Full Frontal and Maximize)
4. Start Liver Cleansing Diet

Thank you, Girls for your support in all this....knowing that you guys are out there and wanting me to achieve this is really helping!

God Bless and have a great workout week!!!!!!!!!


Leonie said...

Wow, I am so impressed with your workout commitment. Super job! Makes me feek lazy! lol!

Thanks for sharing goals - I find that really helps me, too. Will look forward to your update...

Julie said...

My Dear! Lazy is not a word I would use in conjunction with your workout LIFE!!!!!

Leonie said...

Ha! lol!

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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