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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Working out and weight loss

This week, I changed up my workout routine. Inspired by a thread at Video Fitness, I pulled out my Cindy Crawford workouts.

High repetition, low weights, fast paced but not true aerobics.

I alternated between The Next Challenge and Shape your Body all week, I gave it my all. I sang to the music ( songs by Blondie, Seal,the Smithereens, - the song Crazy, Top Top of the Pops and so on).

I worked hard and enjoyed myself. And today , in spite of a big restaurant lunch yesterday, and in spite of the accompanying fair amount of alcohol, I found I'd lost a kilo.

Woo hoo!

And my arms and glutes just look a littletighter, too

Thik I'll try and stay with Cindy this week!


Julie said...

Congratulations Leonie!
The picture from yesterdays lunch screams 'health and well being'!
I raise a glass of OJ to you!

Leonie said...

Well, on Sunday I drank a lot more than OJ! lol! I'm gonna do some calorie counting today....

Anonymous said...

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A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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