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Sunday, October 19, 2008


Interesting article on bootcamps.

Participants in the study used a Bootcamp DVD workout.

I own a couple of Bootcamp DVDs but not the one mentioned in the article. What I like about Bootcamp is the mix of cardio and bodyweight resistance work; sometimes you use bands or dumbbells too; and it is fun to mess around with the push yourself military style.

Which ones do I own?

Kickbox Bootcamp

Crunch Bootcamp

Denise Austin Bootcamp

Taebo Bootcamp Elite

Taebo Bootcamp 1 & 2

Taebo Bootcamp Boxed Set


Julie said...

I've been doing Bootcamp 1 and 2 and loved it.
I'm trying to get a hold of Ab Bootcamp, which I've been doing thru you tube, but so far the I haven't been able to find it!
Been looking for that 'kit' one you mentioned but the chain stores around here don't have it and I went to the websites and they say they have run out! Popular indeed!

Going to see if I can get one of the one's you suggested...I find that alternating made me feel like I was keeping EVERYTHING moving! And JM's full frontal and full frontal max have been excellent...going to try to get some more of her stuff too!
Thank u for letting us know what's out there and what's been working for you.
Let's do it!

Leonie said...

Click on the titles - takes you to ostly Aussie stores where you can buy the workouts.Oor borrow one of mine!

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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