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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Workout Log Week of Sun Sept 29

Am keeping an online log - do you want to join me?

Sunday Taebo Bootcamp 1 - with my dh! A 40 minute bootcamp military style workout - with traditional taebo moves, of course!
Terrible with eating - no, I didn't eat too much calorie wise, but I ate unwisely. No dinner for example! Something that has been happening regularly lately...

Monday Turbo Jam Punch Kick and Jam. About 50 minutes of kickbox and capoeira. Fun!

Tuesday Turbo Jam Cardio Party 3- a 55 minute cardio sweat fest. A nice section near the end where you work on form in punches and kicks. And I need to stop eating mindlessly, stop picking at food here and there...

Wednesday A quickie today. Turbo Jam Fatblaster. 30 minutes but advanced - 8 Turbos! Feeling fat, especially, when I look at pics. Am re-reading Overcoming Overeating, Confessions of a Former Fat Girl and The Do-able Diet.

Thursday. Am off to do another Turbo Jam workout. Probably Cardio Party 1 or 2.
ETA - Did Cardio Party 1. Did you hear me singing along with LL Cool J - Mamma said knock you out! lol! And my eating was still pretty uneven..

Friday Planning on another Turbo Jam - probably Cardio Party 3. Didn't happen, our DVD player broke. So I did an old Taebo on VHS. Advanced Live 2 - great music, singing along with Early In The Morning, Be What I Wanna Be. Powerful kicks and punches, great standing ab work. Trying not to eat more than I need. It's all about portion control..

Saturday Gonna try that TJ Cardio Party 2 from yesterday, hopefully the DVD player has recovered!


Cindy said...

I'm game to keeping an online diary. I used to have a private one that I enjoyed keep up. It would be fun to see what you all are doing, too!

Love the new blog look! Woo hoo!

Julie said...


I did the Billy Blank's Bootcamp 1 the other day and boy... did it make me sweat!!!!!

I had the best feeling afterwards though! Ended up getting his Bootcamp 2 while we were out yesterday....I hope to get to it tonight

I love how you workout with with hubby and the kids (saw some photos on the other blog)... family that exercises together...overdoses on the endorphines!!!!!!

Leonie said...

Hi Julie, so glad you joined! Set up a blog post with your workout log,too. And don't you love that Billy? lol!

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