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Friday, October 24, 2008

Video Fitness

Sharing one of my favourite fitness forums ~ Video Fitness.

VF also has a group at Facebook.

What is VF??

Video Fitness is a thriving online community whose members are dedicated to helping each other make the most of a home exercise program. Members accomplish this by writing reviews of the exercise videos that they use regularly, and by sharing advice and opinions in the Reader Forum.

We do not sell videos, so our community members can be totally honest about whether a fitness video lives up to its claims and to the reviewers' expectations. If you're looking for a place to buy the videos you read about here, see our Sources section, which includes consumers' comments about their experiences with particular vendors.

Video Fitness is a community unlike most you'll find on the Internet. Some of our community members have been coming here for years. Dozens have met in person on VF road trips or at local VF get-togethers, and many close friendships have formed around this common interest in fitness videos. As a result, the Reader Forum at Video Fitness will seem less impersonal than other fitness boards you'll find on the Internet. Most regular posters use their real names, and are often very candid about their lives and the challenges they face to working out regularly.

Video Fitness initially grew and developed with the help of advanced level home exercisers--women who had been using fitness videos regularly for years. As a result, the reviews (especially earlier ones) and the Forum postings can seem skewed toward the advanced perspective. However, the women who post about their rigorous workouts were once beginners, too. They didn't start out by lifting 50 lb. barbells or completing 2 hour marathon video workouts. They worked up to it gradually as their fitness level increased. If they can do it, so can you!

Another thing you'll notice is that we don't talk about diet much at Video Fitness. Yes, diet is a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle, but every health and fitness site, as well as every women-oriented site on the Web, seems to focus on diet. Most Video Fitness readers enjoy having a haven from diet talk--a place they can go to focus exclusively on exercise and personal goal-setting.

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Elena said...

Do you have the link to the facebook for Video Fitness? I would be interested! Thanks.

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