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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Leonie's Workout Log

Goals for this week ~

*Concentrate on cardio/kickboxing, especially Turbo Jam and Taebo. Why? I find that cardio/kickbox helps me keep that calories balance and works out my upper abs ( my problem area). And it helps burn off stress, all those powerful punches and kicks, all that cool music.

* Work on portion control and avoidng mindless eating, picking at food...
* Smile more!

Sunday Not a bad eating day, in spite of those yummy margaritas! lol! Did a 40 minutes workout - Turbo Jam Cardio Party 1. Busta move!

Monday Worked out with dh and son Jonathon - an hour long Taebo Advanced Live 9. Classic Taebo, leg and butt and ab work, pushups. My arms were feeling it. Yay! I was singing and jumping and happy, with all the endorphins cruising in my veins...Its okay, I can laugh at myself! :-)
Tuesday Fitting a workout into a busy day. Turbo Jam Punch, Kick and Jam. A more athletic version of TJ.
Wednesday. In a rush, couldn't decide what to do so did Turbo Jam Fatblaster. Gota love all those Turbo drills in this workout. had a terrible tummy ache this evening so ate a late but light dinner ~ a Weight Watchers meal, Chicken Carbonara.
Thursday Another TJ workout - this time a weights workout. I am a bit of a cardio freak but I know weights are important for bone density, building and toning muscle, increasing metabolism. So, I did Booty Sculpt plus Abs with 7 and 9 lb weights and a resistance band.
Friday. Today! Still on my TJ craze so did Cardio Party 2 - love the kick sequence in this, to the music and lyrics of Sir Mixalot - Baby Got Back.
Saturday. Tired - lack of sleep, and worked at church working bee, so had to workout in the afternoon. Decided to go for corny dancing fun. Richard Simmon's Disco Sweat - I can make it harder by increasing the impact. Sang Disco Inferno!
How's everyone's week?


Julie said...

Whoa! I feel the energy!
Go for it girl!

Julie said...

Leonie! Have you tried the Billy Blank's Ab Bootcamp? Would you believe I did 3/4 of it today! He works the midsection with furore!

Leonie said...

I love the standing ab work in Billy's workout - and, yes, I have a huge collection of taebo. lol!

Greg said...

This morning I did Tae-Bo Energise. Love all the speedbags at the start of that one! Ready to scream during the glutes though...And tomorrow Tae-Bo Bootcamp 2. Can't wait for those push-ups. They're my absolute favourite!!

Leonie said...

I'd love to know if I have Energise under a different name - there was not Taebo with that name issued in OZ....

Lisa said...

OOOOO!! I need this!! The Wellness Program at work is coming up.

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