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Sunday, October 19, 2008

....Sound off...one...two...Recommit..three..four!

Gee...I've only been at the GREAT GET IN SHAPE plan for only 3 wks and I'm already needing to recommit!

I Am hyped up after having found the Billy Blank's Bootcamp Boxed kit...which has...Ab Bootcamp...which is what I was WANTING!!!! Last weeks effort to do the workout through You Tube proved a failure as sharing the two computers between the five us, is a logistical nightmare, plus it kept freezing up and then taking forever to download....so now...God has pushed aside yet ANOTHER excuse ( uhhhumm!) after my morning winge on Leonie's post.

I also came across the Kickbox PARTY that my Honorary Workout Therapist, Leonie (this is the first time she hears THIS!) suggested ......and it is now in my hot little hands!

On this Monday afternoon, I stand here (or rather...sit and type) and recommit to my exercise goals before you...cyberspace bloggers...and do hereby set my goals as getting through the Ab Bootcamp and the Kickbox Party for this week!

Additional Goal: to get into a structured weight loss eating plan!
Haven't been very good about confronting this full on but just bought the Abs
Diet for Women (incl. DVD) and will try to follow that this week.

God bless us in our efforts!


Leonie said...

Wow - you are smokin" You can do it, just keep on keeping on and getting back on if you get off. I know - BTDT. -)

You'll love the new workouts - soulds like you are catching my workout DVD addiction. At least people always know what to give me for a present. :-)

Julie said...

Whoa! Leonie...I just did the Ultimate Bootcamp workout with the resistance bands....M A R V E L L O U S ...I no longer have any feeling in any part of my body but it feels GOOD!

I had also bought the Crunch Belly, Butt and Thigh Bootcamp and did it as well....she had me sweating! What I noticed from the first week of exercise is that my legs have slimmed down a lot faster than the rest of me and my midsection seems to feel like a huge large LUMP! That's why I really want to push the workouts for this trouble area...and yes!
I'm addicted!

Leonie said...

You go, girlfriend!!

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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