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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Going Deep- Eating to be 'Nurtured'

Ok, not to get too deep here, but here I go.

I watched a special on Food Network called Ten Days to a New You. It was about a personal coach helping people with their weight/health issues. It was very good and she made a lot of sense. Be more active, exercise, eat less and better.

But, she worked with each person to find out why they did the patterns they did, overate, sat around, ate too much, etc.

The more I think about Jackie, one of the participants, the more I think I see a key to my weight gain over the past few years.

I am posting because maybe there are others who might relate, too and it might be a key for them.

Jackie was a busy mom of small children. She seemed like a really good mom.. loved being around her kids, sharing life with them, being there for them. But she always put herself last. So, ate while she cleaned up their food, really ate all the time, all day... so meals were not that special to her. Pasta was her favorite, so she is about 50 pounds overweight.

What she and the coach determined is that she was using food to nurture herself. She was always 'on' for her family. She is happy.. not a sad housewife eating to escape, but an active loving mom. But, she nurtured herself with that bite of pizza or the bowl of pasta after the kids were tucked in bed and the house calmed down.

I related to this. I am very happy with my job. Love being home with the kids--- and my kids are bigger, so I am out of that minute-to-minute fire fighting mode that toddlers and other youngers can put you in.

But, I find I always feel I have so many things to do on my list. Take care of the house. Research books and resources for the boys. Work with then on their projects. Keep up my two small at home businesses. Shopping, errands, taxes, insurance, bills, house maintenance, keeping up with relatives... etc. I feel pulled in different ways, which is ok.. but I never am really DONE. I never have time that I feel I am off duty and can turn off.

I blog and keep up on email and lists, and that is relaxing. I am expanding more creatively through art and crafts. But I think I am looking for nurturing. Not emotional eating, which is also a real issue. To me that is more of EVENT- EAT. (Stress, fear, sadness, etc). I have done that, too, but the bulk (that has caused my bulk..lol) I think is eating to nurture myself.

I say, it is true that a handful of chips makes me feel good, right in that moment. I have nutured myself.

What Jackie ended up doing was finding other ways to nurture herself. She would get hte kids in bed then have a cup of tea. Purposefully, singlemindedly, and relax. And enjoy. Not on the run, or as she paid the bills.

She stopped snacking and enjoyed dinner with the family.

Anyway, I related to this. I am going to think about how I can nurture myself. One thing that has helped already is more structure in my day to give myself those definite times away from the endless lists. I set up an art studio upstairs where I can hide. :) Also, I took up knitting again and it gives me a reason to sit and it is so relaxing.

I also want to make more time for friends. Watch your caller ID-- I may be calling more for a chat....

Does anyone else relate to this- nurturing food?


Leonie said...

Wow, Cindy. Lots to think about.

I think food is less nurturing for me - food does not equla love here. But I can use it to avoid dealing with an issue - get angry or depressed or stressed and eat junk as a way of filling in time, delaying dealing with the issues.

An internet friend and I used some of the intuitive eating principles two years back - very helpful with mind stuff but not with my body. I gained about 12 lbs! Went back to watching what I eat and lost the weight...

K said...

OK Cindy, this is getting freaky now... I have just started, again, crocheting and Knitting...

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