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Friday, January 26, 2007

Workout check in. :-)

Haven't updated my workouts for awhile - how have you all been going with your swimming/walking/other workouts?

Cindy, it sounds like your Jazzercise has been fun and also hard work.

Since Wednesday, my workouts ~

Wed - Turbo Jam Punch, Kick, Jam - 50 minutes of kickboxing, a bit of shaking and grooving and some very fun, effective capoeira ( A Brazilian form of martial arts and dance combined).
Thurs - the Hollywood Trainer Cross Training. This set is on sale at Amazon, $US 12.99 for 7 workouts!.btw I only have two workouts in the set - Cardio Sculpt and Cross Training. The Cross Training was good for me to shake things up - about 10 mins kickboxing, 10 minutes cardio sculpt with light weights ( I used 3 kg - about 6 1/2 lbs) and then 20 minutes of pilates and yoga.
Fri - Australia Day and Jonathon's birthday! Did Taebo : Billy's Favourite Moves. 45 minutes.
Sat - today! I did Taebo again - an old Advanced Live ( number 6, with a cardio, form and standing abs focus for 60 minutes).

We've also been walking and swimming and bike riding and doing housework withn the kids - its summer here and been pretty hot...Oh, and we've been eating out for J's birthday!


Rachel May said...

Leonie, you are an amazing inspiration! I'm not very coordinated, so video workouts are a real challenge for me, but you make them sound so fun, I think I'll order one off Netflix (I overcame that no VCR problem :0).

I did get a swim on Wed and a short swim on Fri. I lost 3 lbs last week, yeah! This blog is really helpful. :)

Leonie said...

Three lbs - thats over 1 kg! Wow!

Try a Basic Taebo, to get the moves. :-)

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