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Friday, January 12, 2007

Workouts and books

Today I did Taebo Fat Blasting Cardio from this set. A good 45 minute cardio workout, which you can do with or without resistance bands or light weights.

I followed this workout with Billy Blanks Ab Bootcamp - some of those ab routines are killer!

I haven't posted all my workouts this week - I worry about being boring. lol!

Basically, I work out every day - I never miss a day unless I really have to for health reasons. I do this just because I love working out, its part of my daily routine and part of who I am. I know people talk about the importance of rest days but I just can't take a rest from something I love! If I am extra tired or feel like I am overtraining, I will do a lighter workout on that day... Plus, I have a genetic blood clotting disorder and it is important for me to move every day...

Right now, I am re-reading two fitness related books.

One is "The Taebo Way". This is OOP but you can still pick up a copy secondhand from here or there - I got mine from an Amazon seller Christmas 2005. It is very good for tips on proper form and also for motivation - you hear Billy's story and are reminded of the mind-body-spirit connection. ( Billy Blanks is a Christian, btw).

The other book is Body for Life for Women.

Now, this book has been criticized as being a watered down version of the original Body for Life book. And its true in one sense - the workouts and meal plans are not as stringent.

What I like about the book, however, is its emphasis on mind - why we may overeat - and strategies for dealing with this, from a female perspective and wrt a female's lifestyle. Not being sexist here, but there are often different demands on a woman's time.

BTW, I couldn't follow either diet system - diets per se are just not me anymore. But I do borrow the Body for Life recipe book from the library now and then ( when I have paid my fines, that is!). Eating for Life has some yummy low fat high protein and complex carb recipes. Thomas and I especially love the chocolate peanut butter oatmeal for breakfast!


Cindy said...

Hi Leonie-

Lots of good stuff here...

I know what you mean about posting the workouts. I think I am going to post my daily workouts elsewhere (I like to see the stats from my watch and see how I felt each workout) but mine get really boring to just strait read b/c most days they are Jazzercise.. not various videos and other things.

So I will post there and if something intrestig comes up will add it here.

I do like to share neat ideas/books/tapes, etc. Keep sharing!

Cindy said...

You know, Leonie, I like that idea of working out each day.

In the past when I did that I would overtrain. I would start to feel it, then also get mentally tired of working out and felt I needed a break.

But when I do skip days (like this weekend, I worked out Thurs and skipped Fri and Sat) but Sun I am feeling SO sluggish!

So I think I will do like you say- workout each day, but when I start to feel over-trained, or mentally tired, so a lighter workout, or maybe that day just do a 30 min treadmill, or mini strength training at home- or maybe a video I have around. Just do it light- maybe go to Jz, but take it easy.

Part of my problem I like to go all the way and push myself.

I enjoy my watch that counts hr and cal, so maybe tell myself I only need to burn half as much that day. I am not a stickler,but like goals.

Thanks for the idea!

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