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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Another workout.

Today I did Taebo Advanced Live 5 - a 60 minute workout. Some cool songs on this workout, including "My Sherona", "Love Machine" and "I Like It ( Like That)" .

The workout starts wth cardio and some fun, dancey moves. Then it moves to floorwork - lots of b*** and leg work ( I'm feeling it still!) and some abs. The workout closes with a bit more cardio and the cooldown introduces some isometric and balance positions.

I enjoy this workout a lot ( even if I do yell during some of the floorwork! lol!).

Cindy, did you get to try the library DVD - Taebo Ultimate Abs or B***?


Cindy said...

got em but have't done em!

Leonie said...

Go try them! now! lol!

Anonymous said...

I can't! I was sleeping! lol
But we are supposed to get an ice storm .. (in south Texas??) the next couple of days so look like I iwll be homebound.. perfect timing.. :) Cindy

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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