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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Planning and Goals--Simple is Better

Today on the radio I heard a personal trainer doing a short spot to motivate people to get/stay in shape. She was so upbeat and I really liked her approach and attitude.

Basically she said:

- Plan your exercise. Get out your daytimer/calendar - and have it blank! Put in your workout schedule. Work life around it. Stick to it. No excuses, please! Make it simple.

- If you fall off your plan on eating or exercise, just start over. Many people mess up, then get frustrated and then say "Forget it!" Just get back on track.

- Getting in shape really is simple. People make things hard. When you make a mistake, just start again. Don't get upset, just get back on board. Plan your exercise, and stick to it. Dont' over-complicate.

Anyway, that really was something that helped me since yesterday I not only ate those Rebel Bars but also overate later in the day, too.

Today is a new day!

Also, my ww.com site sent me this article which related. Don't know if I can link so here is cut and paste version.
Have a good day!

Planning for Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, planning refers to arranging situations and circumstances — in advance — to help achieve goals. This involves identifying strategies that help weight loss and finding ways to support those strategies. For example, if a goal is to avoid weight gain during the holidays, putting a plan in place to monitor eating during this time period has been shown to be an effective strategy. 1

Successful weight loss requires establishing patterns of behavior that promote a healthy lifestyle. This includes choosing lower-calorie foods and engaging in regular physical activity. But these things do not happen on their own — they require planning.

Plan to Make Wise Food Choices
Experts have identified patterns of eating that are linked with lasting weight loss. These patterns can help to "map out" strategies that include choosing low-fat, low-energy-density foods (read more about Cutting Calories: Portion Control, Energy Density or those that are high in fiber. 2 Selecting a restaurant that has more lower-calorie menu items or having the foods on hand to pack a lunch to take to work — these are examples of planning ahead.

Part of the process of planning involves setting goals for achieving healthy eating. Research shows that when study participants were assisted in creating their own goals and plans for weight loss, and given an eating plan, they were better able to stick with the weight-loss program. And, the end result was greater weight loss. 3

Plan for Exercise
Experts agree that regular physical activity, as well as proper diet, can result in long-term weight loss as well as provide significant health benefits. 4 As with eating, establishing patterns of physical activity that support weight loss involves planning. Research shows that that goal-setting can be an important part of the process — and that the goals should be realistic and attainable. 5

Taking small steps to improve eating and physical activity levels can have big effects on achieving a healthy weight. 6 All in all, planning ahead to establish patterns that encourage healthy eating and regular exercise can benefit weight loss.

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Leonie said...

I find I also need to leave some room for spontaniety - I work out every day but leave my choices a bit "up in the air." Same with food - I plan on eating healthy but allow for the unexpected - firends coming over, spur of the moment eating out. Its a challenge to eat healthy while being flexible! lol!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

I walked 3 mi today and 2 yesterday!

My eating has been better, too!

I've been drinking some roobois tea for whatever benefits....need to research that more!

Leonie said...

Roob ois tea is strong in iron and low ( or no) caffeine - so very good for you! I love it!

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