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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Turbo Jam workout today.

No cardio ( feels strange). I had to be out early to a work meeting so only time for a 30 minute workout. I needed something that wouldn't leave my hair all sweaty. :-)

I did Turbo Jam Lower Body Jam, a nice complement to yesterday's upper body focus. Uses weights and a resistance band. A nice workout, not too challenging - but you can still feel your legs working.


Cindy said...

Nice compromise, Leonie!

To me that is one of the small, but important efforts that make a workout program work- and part of life.

You could have said "Oops! No time to work out" but you found a way, even to do a partial.

You make it a part of life, real and non-negotiable. Well you negotiate changing it up but not dropping completely!

Good job and great example!

Leonie said...

Thanks Cidy - now, you know I'd feel bad if I didn't do something - a day without even a small workout is bad day ndeed!

Rachel May said...

I have to admit I can be pretty all or nothing so it's great to be reminded that a little is better than nothing at all. Thanks, Leonie!

Leonie said...

Hey, I've learned consistency is the key - a little is better than none at all - very key for we mothers! lol!

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